fathers day

My Papa – My Super Hero!!

Soo much emotion runs through me right now, while i sit ideally writing about this Father’s Day ad. My First Super Hero!

We all love our dads, papa or popsy… whatever name you call them with. But, above all they are our dearest friend, philosopher and guide who have a solution to all our problems. Whether it is about solving our school’s mathematical homework, doing projects, sneaking pocket money, feeling safe when you are suddenly hurled by unknown people around or approving your boyfriend for marriage or just a shoulder to cry out and give up your sorrows. He is there for you with a smiling face always.

So, on this Father’s day, lets not just wish them, Let’s revive our special moments with them and make it the most special day for him. Lots of hugs, kisses and wishes to all the dearest Father’s in the world!!


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