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Product Review: Biodegradable & Chemical Free Sanitary Pads-Pink Premium

I am here after a long time and I guess need another blog post to explain why I have been missing in action on my blog. Hoping to share that blog soon. This blog post is about the recent revolutionary product that I discovered called Pink Premium Sanitary pads. Why did I call it revolutionary, read on to know more…

Pink Premium Biodegradable Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins

Designed For the Women, By the Women, Pink sanitary pads are a Revolutionary, Smart and a Healthy replacement to the widely used plastic sanitary pads. This venture was started to support women in need by providing them with livelihood options. It is ISO certified Handmade, Biodegradable, Chemical & plastic free product which is need of an hour.

The plastic sanitary pads are made up of unnatural, chemical based materials and thus they are not safe and unhygienic. And this new products definitely is the need of the hour.

Why Pink Premium ?

  • Biodegradable
  • 4 different sizes in one pack
  • Contains – No Colour; No Plastic and No Perfume
  • Made using all-Natural materials such as Plant Cellulose, Natural Fibres, Vegetable Oils and Starch
  • 7 Layered protection
  • Super-Soft and Rash Free
  • Long Hour protection
  • Wider back and leakage proof pad styling
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Comes with individual biodegradable Disposal bag
  • Hand-Made by Women with love and care

These seems to be more than enough reasons to try this product out.

Pink Pads

Packaging and Price

The package comes in a paperback box and contains pads wrapped in a brown paper with the size of the pad pasted on top of it. The following types of packs are available :


Pack of 10 Pads | 4 Different Sizes | Rs. 239

3 XXL size : 320+ mm | 3 XL : 280+ mm | 2 Large : 240+ mm | 2 Small : 175+ mm


Pack of 3 Pads | 3 different sizes | Rs. 72

1 XXL size : 320+ mm | 1 XL : 280+ mm | 1 Large : 240+ mm

These can be bought from their website.

TMS Reviews :

The napkin is soft to the skin and has a good absorbing capacity. The XL size is huge and it prevent any leaking at night. And absorbs throughout the night. Earlier I used to wake up to change at least once at night, but don’t need that anymore. There isn’t any foul smell while changing and I could easily dispose the napkin off after use. I really liked the product and happy that I am taking care of Mother Earth in my own small way. You all must definitely try this one. Let us all make a responsible choice.

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