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The Story of My Perfect and Blissful Arranged Marriage – My Husband Sold My Virginity to a Stranger for 2 Lacs!

Do you believe in love stories? Well at least I did for all my life, reading novels and love stories, and also listening to my friends who fell in love with their partners in colleges. I knew that for me, it would be an arranged marriage, which I was sure to convert into a happy and beautiful love marriage! I have seen my parents happily live and enjoy each other’s company! I have seen my other friends who chose arranged marriage and were blissfully married!

Born in a lower middle class family with constricted financial conditions, my parents still forced me to pursue my dreams and prepare for the medical entrance exams. I spent 2 valuable years of my life preparing for my medical entrance exams but all in vain. This made me change my plans and then I started my graduation with B.Sc. But while I was finishing my graduation, people started forcing my parents to start looking for a suitable boy, my partner for life, my husband. My family checked many suitors but none suiting my simple expectations. After several rejections, I finally came across this man who looked nothing less than a bollywood actor. Introduced by a family friend, he was a software engineer working in a private firm in Bangalore. We met on Skype for the first time and even through the grainy picture quality, i fell in love with him. He was modest and true in his thoughts and that was enough for me to fall for him. His family wanted me to give my decision in a single day as they had other suitors for him. I chose and I said Yes!

Next month, we got engaged and we started speaking to each other on the phone every day. It took us time to get familiarized to each other’s habits, passions and hobbies. And with every passing day, I fell in love with him even more. This was also the time when he told me about his drinking habit and that he was a heavy drinker. He used to drink not just on weekends but also during the weeknights. However he promised me that he would reduce his drinking soon after marriage.

A few months before our marriage, he stopped talking to me for no known reason! He stopped picking my calls, or replying to my messages. I got worried and panicked thinking about any possible reason that might have hurt him. One night, he decided to break the silence.

He called me late and asked a question that I couldn’t believe he asked – “Are you a Virgin?”

A weird question I thought to myself, but he was going to be my husband and so, he had the right to ask. I assured him about my virginity and asked him not to worry about it at all. Since that day, we never spoke about this topic again. However, our relation slowly started to become a little more distant and I started having a mixed feelings about us. Time passed and before we even realized, marriage was around the corner. Busy preparing for the marriage, the distance between us grew even more. I silently prayed each day, telling myself that all will get back to normal after marriage.

I was naive, smitten in love and absolutely stupid to not understand the things around me.

I was now married and it was our First Night! With butterflies in my belly and the wish to hug him in my arms, I was getting anxious with every passing minute. I know it may sound a little embarrassing, but I craved for his touch. But nothing happened. A week passed and still nothing happened. After almost a fortnight, he told me about his DEAL!

The DEAL – He was in a debt of 35 lakhs due to his compulsive drinking habit. My Husband of just 1 Week, had sold my virginity to a Man who had given him some money, to reduce his debts.

I cried all night because he gambled away my virginity!! How could he do such a thing? Was I just nothing more than a simple property that he used to pay off his debts? I cried and cried and slept due to exhaustion. Morning came and I woke up with a headache!

There was a man in my bed, and he was certainly not my husband. I screamed thinking about the dreadful, scaring him out of his sleep. He was quick to wrap his stuff and leave the room and soon started talking roughly with my husband. I locked myself inside the room and called my parents to tell them about everything. The next day, a cousin living in Chennai came to take me back home. The trauma had eaten away all my desire to live.

“In just a fortnight after my dreamy marriage, I was back home as a Divorcee with no fault of mine.”

I have seen the society enough now and I know people talk about me in the wrong way, and blame my parents for my fate. But why my Parents or Me?? Isn’t it the entire fault of that Man, my so called husband?

Story Source: Akkarbakkar

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