Tips to remember while buying a sofa

An important piece of furniture in any household is a sofa which is also called a couch. It is usually an expensive furniture item and so, a lot of thinking goes into buying it. Every other piece in the house revolves around the sofa. There are a lot of choices in the market which makes taking the decision a slightly overwhelming task. When you visit the furniture store in Gurgaon, other cities, or online at a website like, below given are the points that one must consider.

-Size of the family: The sofa should be bought keeping in mind the number of members that are going to use. If there are 5 members in the family, then 5-seater sofas should be bought. If there is the only member of the house who won’t usually expect some company, then 1 seater sofa is the best option.

-Wear and tear: If the sofa is being subjected to children, pets and a lot of company, it would be a good decision to go for colors that would camouflage the mess that will inevitably be made.

-Research and review: It is necessary to research the sofa sets that would be the best choice for your household. Before buying one, it will also be prudent to look for reviews of the sofas that you have shortlisted.

-Use: It should be mentioned that the purpose that the sofa will serve also comes into consideration. If it’s going to be placed in a spacious house for movie nights, then the choices would be different than when space is constricted and the couch will be used sleeping purposes as well, in which case, a sofa cum bed is a right choice.

Once the above points have been thought over, the following are the practical inspections that a person needs to do before choosing the one.

1) Trying it out

It would be wise to do the bottom test with sofas just like we do while selecting a mattress to see if there is enough room for stretching out and maneuver. Seat depths should be checked for along with the back support that is provided by the sofa. The length of the entire sofa (excluding the armrests) should be measured to ensure that it suits the needs of the person. This calculated length should be compared to the space available in the room so that the room does not seem crowded.

2) Frame

It would be a good idea to check the material that the frame of the sofa is made up of a solid, strong and durable material. A hardwood frame could be a good choice. It is also advised to take a note of guarantee from the seller and go for the ones that offer 15- years and over guarantee.

3) Cushions

The filling of the cushion is mostly avoided while buying sofas but it is what gives the cushion a structure (foam and fiber) and comfort (feather). It would be a good decision to opt for cushions that have a combination of both foam and feather so that comfort and structure will be maintained without the cushions losing their shape and flattening out.

4) Fabric

The choice of fabric will determine the effect that the sofa has on the room and its longevity. The fabric should be in a color that complements the whole room. It should be a material that can be easily cleaned and yet is comfortable.

Follow the tips given above the next time you go to buy a sofa and you will not regret your choice.

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