Anniversary Gift Ideas

10 Creative Ways for Long Distance Couples to Remind About Their Anniversary

There are many myths about long distance relationships, but surely you’re a couple that breaks all the negative ones consistently.

Your anniversary is coming up and you want to make sure your loved one knows without a doubt they mean everything to you even if they are several time zones away. Here are some stellar ways to celebrate the anniversary of a long distance relationship that may put the other types of relationships to shame.

  1. Send each other boxes of love 

Boxes of love can be anything you want them to be. They can be a box of written promises, a box full of knick-knacks and items that you want to share with your love. The box can be filled to the brim with things you think they would love to treasure. This idea isn’t to see who is the most creative. It’s simply a box full of things that say, “I thought of you”. This can be one ьуof the most heartwarming gifts for a long distance relationship.

  1. Schedule A Skype Date 

A skype date can be one of the most fun and exciting things, but you should make it special for your anniversary. During a skype call or video chat, there are several things you can do together:

  • Watch your favorite show or move together
  • Cook something together
  • Play a video game together
  • Simply have a chat

Each couple celebrates differently. Some want a party while others want a quiet evening. Figure out what works for you and your loved one and go for it.

  1. Send a personalized fortune cookie

This type of gift is pretty unique and can be an unexpected surprise. There are several websites where you can customize your own fortune cookies, create happy anniversary wishes yourself, and then send them to your loving partner.

For some message ideas, you can do something personal, but you can also do something that references an inside joke like quotes from your favorite movies or books, or maybe fill one of the cookies with confetti just for fun. Whatever will fit in a fortune cookie, the options are endless.

  1. Buy Matching Romance – Themed Pillow Cases 

If you and your loved one like romantic gifts that consistently remind you of each other, you can get matching pillow cases. There are specially designed cases you can order that show how the pillow cases are a connected pattern or design.

You may also find a custom pillow case maker that will create a specific design for you. This would be a great surprise anniversary gift and a cute way of saying, “Think of me before you go to sleep.”


  1. Old school letters for the old fashioned 

Do you have nice handwriting? The level of “gooey” with your gifts doesn’t have to stop at matching pillow cases. Writing some old fashioned letters by getting a regular, white sheet of paper.

Then, take some wet tea bags and press them over the paper until it appears to be a golden yellow or brown. Now you can show off your cursive and impress your loved one with a vintage, heartfelt gift.

  1. Send each other LDR glowing pillows 

If you haven’t heard of LDR pillows, you can your loved one are truly missing out. The glowing LDR pillow is a really special accessory at night that comes with a ring that detects when the person is near their pillow.

A soft glow appears and pulses to the rhythm of their heartbeat. This can be a great celebratory gift for a long distance relationship that was close to falling apart. It all means so much more when you bring that special someone a little closer. Additionally, those matching pillow cases will come in handy too.

  1. A box of “open if…” letters 

If you’re in love with someone that tends to worry more than they should, a box full of “open if…” letters may be the cure to their stress. “Open if…” or “Open when…” letters are little notes you’ve written to your mate that should be opened when they’re feeling a certain way.

This requires you and your mate to write quite a few letters, but it can be a fun and thoughtful gift to create for your anniversary. It may be just what they need when they’re feeling scared, lonely, stressed, or they’re missing you.

  1. Send video messages 

Anniversary gifts and celebration methods are constantly evolving thanks to technology. In addition to your skype dates, you may want to try sending your significant other a video message. Say random, but loving stuff, quote poetry, or sing a song you both love.

You can distribute your celebratory message on a DVD, email, or pack a little camera in a box with a note on it that says, “Press play.” Get creative with this one and let your long distance lover really know how special they are to you.

  1. Eat the same meal at the same time 

How amazing would it be if you both had the opportunity to cook or eat the same meal together? If you want to order pizza and have a pizza party with your loved ones while you enjoy a movie together, go for it. If you’d both rather cook together and have a little healthy competition to see who can create the most beautiful looking dish, try that. Bonding over food is something we all do and a special dinner for an anniversary can really hit the spot.

  1. Make a webpage together or as a gift 

Some of you may have had a long distance relationship that has lasted for a very long time. Years upon years have passed and this anniversary is incredibly special because the both of you have reached a milestone. If you have a talent for web design and you want to dedicate a website to your darling, try that.

Find more ideas about anniversary wishes for couples here  SweetyTextMessages.

You can make a website displaying all of their accomplishments and the memories you’ve had together. You can show a slideshow of all the hardships you’ve conquered or show the hopes the both of you have for the future.

Dig deep with this idea. You could even try sneaking in a proposal if you’d like, but you’ll need to make sure the website is private so you don’t have to deal with any trolls on your anniversary.

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