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10 Kissing Facts You Never Knew!

It’s just a little KiSSS!! Well, well, we all know about kissing and by default, you don’t have to learn it. It comes to us naturally and you get to master it without much a do! But did you know about the crazzyyy facts about kissing? Did you know it has the power to boost your mood? Or did you know about the longest recorded kiss ever? No? Here are some facts that you will simply love knowing about Kissing!

boosts mood

  1. Kissing boosts your mood

When you kiss, the dopamine (neurotransmitters) levels in the body spike up, causing craving and other obsessive thoughts. It feels more like addiction.

People with higher level of dopamine always feel energized, lack sleep, appetite, some basic symptoms of Falling in live.

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baby kiss

  1. It takes 146 muscles to co-ordinate for a kiss

Every kiss you give, it requires the co-ordination of total 146 muscles, which includes 34 facial muscles and a massive 112 postural muscles. So, better not waste your kisses! 😛

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longest kiss

  1. World’s longest kiss record

The Kissing Event! Believe it or not, but the world’s longest kiss recorded is 58 hours, 35 mins and 58 secs long. The record is held by Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat, from Thailand.

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rats kiss

  1. Humans learn kissing from Rats

Based on a research held in Tokyo, Eomaia scansoria, an ancient rat race which survived almost 75 to 125 million years ago, are the original kissers. The rats would rub their nose with their mates to express their desire. These rats are believed to be the common ancestors of humans and rats.

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  1. The Kiss Word origin

Kiss – the word originated from an old English world termed Cyssan, which also means ‘to kiss’.

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eskimo kiss

  1. Only 10% people in the world Don’t Kiss

Today, almost everyone knows about kissing. But, would you believe if I said that there are people who didn’t know about kissing until the English introduced it?

People in the Mangia Island (one of the oldest islands in the Pacific) didn’t know about kissing until it was introduced by the English in 1700s. Also, people in Sudan believe that the Mouth is the body’s window to our soul. Kissing, can cause our soul be stolen from our body.

Even Eskimos living in the Arctic only rub their nose as a way of showing their affection. The reason being simple, their entire face is covered for protection from the snow.

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  1. Kissing – A Career

Do you want a career in kissing? It is possible! The art of Studying kissing is called Philematology and the person who studies kissing is termed as an Osculologist.

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kissing style

  1. Your Kissing Style develops in the womb

Based on a German research, it has been proved that a person’s style of kissing is already developed when in the womb. The study was performed on 100 couples, and 2/3rd of them tilted their head right to kiss, a habit that is naturally developed when a person is still in the womb.

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french kiss 1

  1. Scientific name of French Kiss

Cataglottism is the Scientific name for a French Kiss

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kissing calorie

  1. Kissing Burns 6.4 calories a minute

A simple kiss helps your body burn 2-6 calories per minute. Isnt it the best form of exercising?

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