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10 Things Women Want From Her Man

Are women complicated? Well, if you are ardent to know your answer instantly, ask her what her favorite color is… and you will get more than one answer. Something like, ‘Oh I love black during parties…but otherwise my favorite color is peach and also white and wait…also pink.’ That’s it. You know your answer. If only a man knew what a woman really wants, a lot of bedroom fights, those wicked comments, the guessing game and sarcastic looks could have been avoided. Women surely are complicated. But aren’t we here to help you know what they really want? So, without much of a do, lets get straight into the 10 important things that most women want their man to do.

1. Assuring Her Security
First and foremost thing that a lady needs is to be secured when she is with her man. It is the man’s responsibility to make his partner realize that she is all safe and protected while he is in her life.

2. Develop Honesty & Transparency
A man is not always accountable to his partner. But for a woman, it is important to have a partner who is honest in his behavior. The main reason is that the relationship would be more frank and transparent when there is a strong bond of trust between both the partners.

3. Give Her Financial Back-up
Even if you are not a millionaire, it is very important for you to make things possible, especially when it is about financial aid. Even if she is earning, make sure that you save her earnings and spend from yours. This may be simple for you to understand, nit for women financial security is something that every women wants/demands from her partner. This could be for many reasons, such as for future savings or purchasing or for children and in-laws.

4. A Loyal Bonding
For every women it is very important that her partner stays loyal to her. And this is vice-verse. Every woman wants to feel that she is special in the eyes of her man. She would always want her man to be loyal towards her.

5. Stay Fit and In Shape
Every woman wants her partner to be physically fit and mentally sound. She wants her partner to be intelligent and at the same time look nothing less than Tom Cruise. This is one reason why they urge their partners for gyms and fitness regimes.

She wants her man to be strong not for the sake of being strong but to bring pleasure in her life. For the contentment a lady wants, a rational mind and a wise strength from her man is important.

6. Be Passionate About Love
Every woman wants her man to be a passionate lover who is also romantic. She wants her love to be the best out of the rest. She wants you to always maintain the charm of loving and cheering the moments of togetherness. She would always want her man to do the things which surprises her and sparks up the relation with utmost charm and everlasting feeling of being loved forever.

7. Give Her Independence
A women is certainly answerable to her man but at the same time she want her man to offer her the independence of being her. She wants independence in the way she walks, talks, dresses and behaves. This does not mean that she would take things for granted. This independence is all about her internal satisfaction.

8. Listen to Her With Positive Approach
A woman is the person who suffers from mood swings and other mental depression due to many reasons. PMS or no PMS, she would always want her partner to guide her in a positive manner and bring her back on the track. A man must always be the first person to inspire her to lead a life in a positive way and create a positive ambiance.

9. Balance Social and Personal Responsibilities
Women wants her man to be polite and humble to the people whom he meets and overall the society. She wants her man to socialize well with everyone and not stay in his solitude while accompanying in the social gathering. But being a socialite is not the only thing that she expects from her man. You need to be good in making your private or personal moments equally interesting.

10. Cook Her Good Food
Is it mandatory for women to cook? No. A woman may be a good cook but she loves enjoying the food cooked by her partner. May it be just a simple breakfast or dinner, eating food made by her partner is always a dream of all girls.

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