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12 Creative Summer Craft Ideas For Mom & Kids

With the weather having mood swings, showing us a bit of every season this summer (silly rains, cyclonic winds, hailstorms and the breezy evenings), it is hard to believe but yes, Summer Vacations have commenced in almost all schools. And yess… your little monster is home 24 X 7 with you, now testing your temper and your creativity skills on how well you can keep them entertained this vacation (an additional responsibility for all mothers). So, to make sure you make the best of your time with your kid at home, here are some creative summer craft ideas for moms and kids which you can try. Invest your time and a little effort to enjoy tons of fun with your kiddo.

  1. Glitter & Glowing Stars Jar
    Take a medium size glass Jar. Fill the jar with the Karo Syrup. Add dry glitter to the Karo syrup. Take radium stars medium size. Put the stars in the mixture of glitters and Karo syrup. The Stars would look amazing in the daylight and in the night they will glow and float.

glitter glowing stars

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  1. Paper Roll / Beads/ Flower Garland
    Collect Colorful papers. Make small rolls out of them. Take a string and pass the roll from the hollow space and pull the strings. Tie a knot by joining the two ends of the garland. You can use colorful beads and fresh flowers instead of paper roll. paper roll garland

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  1. Chart Paper Crowns
    Moms can teach their children to learn to make crowns out of a chart paper and give it a unique design by sticking stars, hearts and other shapes cut from marble paper to make it look alike a royal crown.

chart paper crowns

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4. Treasure Pouches
You can use old bed-sheets, drapes or scarf to make a treasure pouch. Cut the piece of cloth in a round shape. Make slits on every 1.5” such that the string can pass through it. Now take a string or ribbon and penetrate through the slits. Tie the treasure pouch.

treasure pouches

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  1. Tiara of Dried flowers
    Collect the small dried flowers. Take a hair band and stick those dried flowers around the hair band with the help of a colorful ribbon. Tie the two ends and you can wear over your head to enjoy a mermaid look.


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  1. Leaf Craft

Take a big fresh leaf and color it with glittering and sparkle pens with different colors and give it a brand new butterfly look to make the leaf look cute. You can stick those leaves on your wardrobe or tables and refrigerator.

leaf craft

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  1. A Button Tree

Collect wooden sticks, one big and other small. Now make the branches out of the sticks and collect unused buttons from the house and stick the buttons near the stick as creative leaves.

button tree

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  1. Cardboard Frame

Take a cardboard sheet. Cut it into a rectangle piece. Now stick your picture over it. Now cut four thin strips of the cardboard and roll it with colorful gift wraps cover the edges with the gum. Your frame is ready.

cardboard frame

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  1. Toilet Roll Mini Bags

Take a cardboard toilet roll. Cover its one end with the help of round cardboard sheet. Now cover the outer portion which is exposed with colorful marble papers. Now tie a ribbon by making the holes on two opposite sides of roll. The mini bag is ready.

toilet paper  roll bags

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  1. Foot, Hand, Vegetable Print Greeting Card

You can take the foot prints, hands print and vegetable prints by using bright colors on chart papers and make amazing designs to get creative greeting cards.

handprint cards

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  1. CD Wind Chimes

Collect the used CD’s and other blank CD’s. Now decorate the CD’s with little Glitter shapes cut from the glitter sheet. Make sure that you use stickers of your favorite animals, flowers and other cartoon characters. After you are done with the CD decoration you can take a long wooden stick. Color the wooden stick. Now tie strings to the CD. Assure that the size of the strings is from ascending order. Now arrange the CD’s and place it on the stick. Maintain the proportion of weight by adding beads over the strings conjoined to CD’s.

cd wind chime

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  1. Egg Decoration

You can create cute bunnies, and monsters out of eggs. Cut a marble paper and make teeth of the egg monster. Stick the teeth on the bigger end . Now draw eyes and nose of the monster. With the help of woolen strings you can make hair of the monster. Your Egg monster is ready.

egg decoration

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