4 Major Types of Air Coolers in India You Could Consider

In a dire need of a top-quality air cooler on rent in Chennai? You aren’t alone in this search for air coolers. But before you invest, you should know the major types of air coolers available in India. Knowing the types of coolers would lead you in the right direction to make a smart investment, so it’s important to get familiar with them. Air coolers are always the top choice of families and individuals that are looking for a cheaper alternative to ACs.

Below is a list of major air cooler types available for rent in India that you could go through to make an informed decision before investing in them. The major types of air coolers include:

  1. Desert Coolers

Desert air cooler

Desert coolers are the people’s choice in India when the scorching summers take over their life. For a place like Chennai that’s blessed with ruthless summers, desert coolers give a sigh of relief. Having a water storage tank gives it a way to turn the hot air into cool air to help you make a comeback. With huge fans and 40 to 60 litres of water storage capabilities, they could be used for long hours to cool your home interiors.

  1. Window Coolers

Window coolers require minimal space and are usually installed outside the window that is much similar to window ACs. Since they don’t consume the room space and are always put outside, they are always the first choice of homeowners. Storing nearly 50 litres of water, they efficiently cool the room when you need it the most. They consume less energy than ACs and could be placed near windows conveniently using portable trolleys.

  1. Personal Coolers

personal air cooler

Personal coolers are suitable for individuals and a perfect choice for students and professionals looking for a cheaper alternative to ACs. They snugly fit into any indoors and give instant relief from the heat. A personal cooler has almost the same structure as that of desert coolers except that it is compact in size and has a comparatively smaller water storage tank. It also has castor wheels so you could shift it to any of your rooms with minimal effort.

  1. Tower Coolers

Tower coolers are the top choice when you want to get relief from the scorching heat in summers while not compromising with the aesthetic appeal of the space. Usually, their water storage tanks accommodate water from 20 to 40 litres. They are pretty easier to clean as compared to other coolers. They come in slimmer and sleek looks to complement the aesthetics of your decor while cooling it to the best.

The Key Takeaway

Whether it is about AC rental in Chennai or air cooler rental, there are various makes and models available in the market that give you more options to choose from. Loaded with great features, air coolers are a great choice when summers are on your head. You could go for all-time favourite desert coolers or personal coolers which are popular among individuals or even tower coolers or window coolers depending on your choice, budget and preferences. A majority of them are easily available from the air cooler rentals in Chennai or the city you are living in at a fraction of the price. So don’t let the summers give you sweat when you can keep it bay with air coolers.

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