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4 Problems That Strengthen Your Marriage

There are a hundred adjectives to describe marriage. Love, trust, happiness, anger, jealousy, and many more such emotions which altogether help make a marriage successful. However, the most important meaning of marriage is the exclusive lifetime companionship the couple shares with each other. But, as we all know, marriage is not always a bed of roses. There are thorns attached to it. It is these problems or the thorns in a marriage that later helps you strengthens your relation with your partner and thus your marriage. Here is a list of 4 problems which indirectly help strengthen your marital relation.


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Fights are evident in every marriage. No fights, No expression of love, No pampering each other and thus, No trust. So, the next time you fight with your spouse, don’t take it wrongly. Simply learn from it and make sure you don’t repeat your mistake again, thus strengthening your relation.


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Relocating and Job pressure

Losing a job or having to settle elsewhere because of one of the spouse’s job is another hurdle that creates a lot of chaos in a marriage. This would give rise to questions to whether the family should move out or whether only the person who has accepted the responsibility goes ahead. In case of losing a job, the issues of maintaining expenses on one income would also cause a lot of worry.

At such times supporting the affected partner and standing beside like a pillar of strength and saying that this too will pass will heal the hurt.


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Unplanned Pregnancy

Most common, a real disturbing element in a smooth day to day affair is the news of a sudden unplanned pregnancy. No matter how much a couple plans and works sincerely in delaying to start a family, there may be a slight error. Thinking of the pros and cons about aborting the ‘pregnancy’, the couple may opt to go ahead and have the baby, the pleasure of being the parents to be will make the marriage bond stronger than before.


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When do you really value your partner most? It is when he/ she is ill or is not present. This is one situation when a person is most disturbed. It is because one can bear one’s own sickness but cannot bear their beloved to be in pain even for a moment.

This is the time when a person understands how much the husband or wife cares for the other. Each one is ready to sacrifice or go to any extent of trouble to ease the pain or sickness that the other person is facing. But, once you learn from these mistakes, you will actually see your relation bloom like a fresh flower.

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