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5 Clues that Say You Should Call a Roofing Company

Part of our basic necessities is our home. This is why regular home maintenance and necessary repairs should be part of our budget priorities. You may postpone outfit shopping but never those repairs even if that’s as pricey as replacing your roof. A real adult knows that. But some home owners thought about something clever.

“What if you can actually do all home repairs and maintenance on your own? You’ll be able to save more money you can spend for other things like eating out or weekend getaways. That’s for sure!” Is it really wise decision though? Well, it depends on the kind of task you need to do. There are simple projects you can do on your own.

However, serious roof repairs aren’t included in the list of what you can do on your own. Apparently, it’s not a very safe job for someone who doesn’t have experience.Letting the experts work on it is the way to go. Professional roofers like those who are part of Carsa Construction are skilled, licensed, experienced and insured, giving home owners a peace of mind.

But what are the clues that tell you it’s time to call a roofing company for their services?

  1. A Major Hail Storm Has Occurred

A thorough inspection is needed when a major hail storm has occurred in your area. Aside from that, your roof needs professional thorough cleaning to get rid of any debris that have fallen on it during the storm. You also need to make sure that the drainage system is working properly so that your roof dries easily. Otherwise, it will become a possible breeding ground for molds and unsightly stains might accumulate as well.


  1. Missing Shingles

If your roof is missing a few shingles, you may easily feel like it’s not a big deal at all and you can postpone the repair until later. But no, it’s actually the opposite. If you notice that your roof is missing a few shingles, you should promptly call a professional rooferto have it repaired.

Shingles are designed to act as a barrier against moisture, serving as protection for the roof against leaks and rotting. It goes without saying that promptly replacing missing shingles is importantif you want your roof and the rest of its components to last longer. Read this guide on how to select the best roof shingle material for your home.

  1. Hurricane Season is About to Begin

Preventive maintenance is way better than corrective maintenance. You’ve probably seen the mistake most home owners do—waiting until a strong hurricane damages their roof. Of course, nobody wishes for that. But it subtly looks like we’re only waiting for a strong hurricane to wreak havoc before we do somethingif we fail to prepare.

Why wait for extreme damage when you can do something to prepare your home? Part of it is asking expert professionals to do a thorough inspection of your roof whether it’s sturdy enough to withstand upcoming hurricanes.

  1. Your Neighbors Are Replacing Their Roofs

No, that’s not what you’re thinking. It’s not about being jealous of your neighbors having brand new roofs that’s why you want to join the fad. The point is if you’ve lived in a neighborhood where most houses including yours are planned, built and sold or leased by a real estate company, you cannot be completely sure of how old your roof is.

Whereas, if you built your own home, you know exactly when to replace it. Typically, a roof lasts for up to 25 years.So, if you don’t have any idea how old is yours, you need a professional roofing contractor to take a look at it to determine whether it’s time to replace it. Learn more tips here, too:

  1. It’s a Year Ago Since the Last Inspection and Professional Cleaning

Your roof needs thorough inspection, professional cleaning and maintenance at least twice a year. So, if it’s over a year ago since the last time you did it, you need to have the next one scheduled as soon as possible. It’s time to call a good roofing company that serves your area.

Can you relate to any or several of these clues? Find the right professional roofers now.

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