Camping With Kids

5 Top Tips To Go Camping With Kids

Are you planning to take kids camping this weekend? However, the thought of handling a hard work for such a great outdoor adventure suddenly strikes your mind! Let’s just say the idea of camping no longer scares you because now you know the routine. Just learn our 5 top tips to go camping with kids and camp like a champ!

It’s time to leave the crowds behind and pitch the tent at a nature-filled campground that your kids cannot forget!

  1. Organize before packing camping supplies


Before getting your adventure started, you should create a checklist to organize enough camping supplies. Once arriving at the campsite, your initial step to ensure the whole camping experience as fun as expected is to have everything all prepared. Don’t forget to label each of the objects so that you can easily find them back easily.

Imagine that you’re in the house instead of staying at the campsite. It’s just your second home away from the first one. There are some necessities that should be in the camp, such as tents, sleeping bag, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, clothes, bathing suits, kitchen and first aid supplies, a hiking camera to capture the great moments of your family and so on. Also, secure your favorite sunglasses, losing it can be stressful and a huge waste of time.

When camping with your kids, always remember to use baby wipes which are the most useful things out of others. They can help to clean their faces and wash their hands off dirt as well as making parents feel much better about their hygiene at the end of the camping day.

  1. Pack fun kids’ activities in bad weather

Fun Activities

Are you new to camping with kids? Consider what supplies to pack in some of your tubs for the best camping organization! How about packing suitable activities to let kids experience the indoors in the bad weather?

The most common items for their quiet times are comics, coloring books, crayons, cards, travel-related games, camping-themed books, spooky stories, and so on. When having electronic devices, ensure them to be fully charged or you can bring the portable battery along if it’s possible.

However, some board puzzle games are not ideal for this outdoor trip because those small pieces can get lost without your kids knowing. Last but not least, we recommend all parents not to rely too much on those digital devices.

It’s best to let the kids to have the most active and fun times outdoors, not only spending most of their time playing video games.

  1. Bath station for fun kid baths

Bath Fun

Imagine that you’re at a campsite, and there comes a time when the baby wipes are not enough, a plastic bath station will be the savior! Fill it with water in the morning and let it be like that in the sun to become warmer.

Staying clean for camping is one of the essential things that lead your babies to a deep night of sleep! It does not only keep personal hygiene for the whole family but also prevents any creepy crawly from both the gear and kids.

If looking how to wash the hair, all you must do here is to heat up a little pot of water before using it to dip and rinse their hair. In case there’s a stream near your campsite, taking a bath in nature is not a bad idea at all. Doing so still eliminates the excess of dust and oil effectively.

  1. Night-time accessories for safety

Night Time Accessories

Never sleep on the bare ground but lying on a camping cot or a sleeping bag instead since you would never know what kinds of crawlies out there.

Ask each of the kids to put on one whistle on one string around the neck. They need to blow it whenever they suddenly get lost or get in any trouble. At that point, they need your instant attention. Therefore, once the night comes, you must tie a little flashlight around your kid’s belt loop.

Another great accessory you might like to pack for nighttime safety would be the glow sticks. They’re the best survival backup source of light that is not just small but also light for you to insert into any backpack. Let’s gain some glow in the dark to make your camping trip more fun!

Kids of all ages will love playing and lighting up the entire night with these fantastic sticks. They offer your kids hours of endless recreation even at night.

  1. Pack food & water

Pack Food and Water

Invest in one cooler so that you can pack whatever you like without trying so hard to sift through different things, especially when the night comes. All food and water should be higher than the usual amount that you’ve always used for normal excursions.

Be certain to pack a lot of fluids because your body needs to stay hydrated no matter if it’s hiking or camping! During the trip, drink four cups of water at least when you have to move around the campsite.

For foods, you can choose both perishable and non-perishable foods as long as you have an ice pack to keep them chilled. Opt for any of the following foods before heading out to your campsite:

  • Bread, bagels, tortillas, quinoa salad, taco salad
  • Seeds, nuts, energy bars
  • Salmon, poultry, meat
  • Rice crackers or flavored crackers
  • Corn cakes, granola bars
  • Grapes, oranges, berries, apples


Are you planning to camp on your agenda? It’s time to make camping much easier for your kids! Don’t let that joy be every parent’s fear. Take our top 5 tips to go camping with kids and embark on an incredible adventure with them! There would be plenty of things to consider before getting outdoors and having a good time in the woods. To fully enjoy your camp experience, read this article on how to have a comfortable cot.

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