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7 Mistakes Women Should Avoid to Save Their Relations

Women of Power! At various points of life, we have seen women playing the different roles of life. Sometimes a mother, a home maker, an entrepreneur and at times also the Home Breaker! Well, don’t get me wrong. I am not influenced from any of those silly Saas-Bahu melodramatic series aired on the TV, nor am I anti-women. Women, if they have the power to build a family, they also hold enough poison to break a happy relation. Here are such 7 mistakes that women, knowingly or unknowingly make that can affect your happy relations, beautiful family and also marriage. Be cautious, avoid them and stay happy.

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  • Finding mistakes in others all the time
    If love is a medicine, Criticism is poison for all relations. Never criticize your partner and be obsessed by perfections. A mistake here and there is always fine. Finding mistakes in everything your partner does is not the right thing for your relation. Stop bugging him and showering him with long list of mistakes, especially when he is in the company of friends or family.
    Happy relation secret: Accept your partner as a human and be open-minded that he can also make mistakes.
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  • Not appreciating your partner
    Small things make a lot of difference. And so does the words, Thank You! Not appreciating your partner for his efforts is yet another mistake that many women tend to do. It may also increase his level of frustration and take your relation totally off-limits. See his efforts and appreciate him whenever you feel like.
    Happy Relation Secret: Stop, compliment and appreciate your partner for everything he does for you and your family. Kiss him on his cheeks for give him a hug often to show your appreciation.
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  • High unreasonable expectations
    Relations can come to a howling end when you start expecting too much from your partner. The more you expect, more it adds pressure to your partner and it leads to lost love and at times fights. Remember, more expectations always lead to more dissatisfactions and fights. So, stop expecting way too much and simply try understanding his point of view first.
    Happy Relation Secret: Stop pushing your partner to the limits. Be Less Demanding, More Reasonable and understand him before you break your silence.
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  • Not strengthening your bond
    Connection and love is the base of all relations. Without love and a proper connection, mentally as well as physically, you cannot make your relation work. Nourishing your relation and your love is very crucial for keeping it going strongly. Usually, women get too busy with work, kids, family and house chores to give time to their husbands. And, this can lead to gap, that can be very difficult to bridge.
    Happy Relation Secret: Do special things for your partner. Find some intimate time, to make it to your partner. Give priority to your relation when it is most important.
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  • Giving your friends more value
    Life for women changes after marriages. You have a new family to look after, a new bunch of friends and more responsibilities. And amongst all these responsibilities, the only thing a woman can think of to ease her pressure is by simply gossiping with her old friends.
    Giving your old pals more time, discussing every bit of your family relation with them and not sharing things openly with your partner can only increase the tension between you and your partner. He may not like you discussing family things with your friends, nor will his family.
    Happy Relation Secret: Play the good wife role perfectly. When needed, keep mum about your family issues, give equal time to your friends and family and make your Friend’s time… Our Friend’s time!
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  • Cold War
    Ok…this is by far the most common thing that women do. Stop talking to your partner once he makes a mistake. But, will this actually sort out the mistakes? Not really. You need to think more logically, stay quiet, and allow him to discuss his point of view first. Staying mum and keeping your relation on a cold War basis will only add fuel to the fire.
    Happy Relation Secret: After a fight, talk to your partner, once the whole matter has cooled down. Make sure you use your words carefully, and first listen to him. Aggression is not the answer to your problems.
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  • Not giving the needed space
    Whether it is you or your partner, you both need some space to enjoy your life and freedom. Not giving him enough space and always bugging him with calls, or being jealous about his free time with friends is not the right thing.
    Happy Relation secret: Give him his time of freedom, allow him to enjoy what he loves to do and respect his friends. With this, you can easily make your relation stronger and happier.

Now that you know what mistakes you can avoid keeping your relation and family safe, making sure you follow them and see your family smile always.

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