FengShui Garden

A Beautiful FengShui Garden For a Pleasant Life

Walking amidst the beautiful blossoms and their sweet fragrances is a splendid way of reviving from stress and the city pollution. Within no time, you can cheer up your mood and feel just as vibrant as the colors of the beautiful flowers. But, in order to bring the balance in your life, proper positioning of all the things in your garden based on the FengShui ideologies is very important.

Here are a few tips to help you design your garden for a better and more pleasant life. Growing your plants based on the FengShui tips will help you gain more positive energy and act as stress busters.

FengShui Garden

Draw site plan: Before you start making your garden, wait and draw a site plan. Divide the garden into equal 9 parts on a square. Make the boundaries using fences.

Embody all 5 elements: Include symbols of all 5 elements in your garden if possible. The 5 major elements include fire, wood, earth, water and metal. Place them in the appropriate directions before you start decorating and planting plants and trees in your garden. Fire controls South; Metal elements prevail in the West and the North-West directions; Wood element controls the East and Southeast direction; earth rules the Southwest, Northeast and Center; and finally, Water controls the North.

Pave and keep the path tidy: Based on the plan, pave a path and keep it clean. Remove all damaged containers, weeds and dried leaves. Use stones to pave the path. This will ensure gentle flow of energy in your garden.

Place the props based on FengShui: Decorate your garden with FensgShui based Props. Use righteous décor and furniture such as the reflective garden balls, wind chimes, metal benches, statues, patios, tables, bird feeders and also stone decors. But, make sure you place them based on the FengShui elements.

Plant more propitious grows in the garden: Choosing plants for your garden is as an important task as designing your garden. Prevent plants with spikes and thorns as they are believed to create malevolence and aggression. Instead, grow more succulents, herbs, colorful plants and trees like basil, lilies, lavender, lime, money plant, peony, magnolia, orange, bamboo, lotus, plum, etc. However, don’t let them grow wild. Trim them regularly and clean their nearby areas as they may invite negative energy.

Water element: Make your garden creative with a unique water feature. This will enhance your wealth and prosperity. But, make sure you include them in the North direction, where water element rules. You can also develop artificial ponds and waterfalls or a bird bath. Grow healthy fishes, turtles and carps in them as they are believed to be very auspicious according to FengShui laws.

Fire element: Crucial for boosting your family ties, Fire element, when place in the South can help you keep up the harmony in your family. Build garden lights or fire pits in the South for best results.

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