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A Photojournalist Is Gang-raped – Mumbai In Shock

A photojournalist was out with a male colleague for her current assignment on “Chawl” when 5 men surrounded and gang-raped her. Her colleague was tied to a machine in the textile mill in Lower Parel while these 5 men were mercilessly scratching their lust. This incident reminded us of an equally heartbreaking story of the Delhi gang-rape.

With such incidents taking place in the centre of Mumbai is also questioning the security and the prestige of Mumbai as “safest city for Female in India”. Lower Parel is a formal industrial district and at the present city’s one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods.

As per the Mumbai Police the incident took place when on Thursday the girl and her colleague were shooting near Shakti Mill Compound. Suddenly the accused stopped them stating that photography is not allowed on railway property and that they are not allowed until they have the permit. They later said that they can help them get the permit.

The men then asked them to follow inside the mill. Where the boy was tied with the belt and the girl was raped 20 feet from where the boy was tied. Of the 5 accused two raped the girl turn by turn for nearly half an hour and left them to their fate. The incident took place in-between 6 to 6:30 pm and the police came to know about it around 8:30pm.

All five men are identified and Mumbai Police has confirmed that of them 2 are history-sheeters. Because of the seriousness of the case they are not ready to name the accused. The girl was soon admitted to a hospital in South Mumbai. According to Dr Tarang Giachandani victim is out of danger. She did undergo some minor injuries but she is recovering. There are external as well as internal injuries that will take time to heal.

Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh said “While one person has been nabbed, four others involved in the incident have been identified and further investigations are underway”.

With the help of the male colleague police have successfully sketched the faces of all 5 culprits. When asked about the progress of the case Mr Singh said “We’ve brought in 10 people for questioning”. Mumbai media, social media and public is in deep shock and many protests are taking place throughout the city.

What did the government do after such a big uproar in December on the Delhi gang-rape? Is there any city in India, where girls and women can really feel safe?

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