Wooden Comb

Why wooden comb over plastic comb?

Covid, leaves its impact on us even after recovery. I have faced it myself, post my recovery, I noticed severe hair-damage and fall, my hair became dry and frizzy too. This forced me to look for hair care related products. One of my friends recommended   Adhyay, wooden comb with their hair & scalp care range oil. I gave it try like few other ones I found. I must admit, Adhyay neem wood comb and oil did wonders to my hair’s health. My hair is now healthy with good volume. Would like to share my experience with this wooden comb and share the reasons why everyone should use them and trust me you would never like to go back to your plastic comb.

To begin with, way before plastic existed, wooden combs were used to maintain our hair. They are not only beneficial to us but are sustainable too. Nothing can be easier than switching to wooden combs to maintain your hair’s health.      

Benefits of wooden comb

Gentle on your hair

Wooden combs are carbon based just like your hair. Since both have a static charge wooden combs gives your hair a smooth, frizz free and gentle look.

Prevents Allergies and Infections

Plastic combs may at times cause allergies or infections if you have a sensitive scalp. Whereas wooden combs are made from natural ingredients hence are less likely to irritate the skin and keep allergies and infections away.

Easily detangles and prevents breakage

Plastic comb when used for detangling, detangles the hair along with breakage and pain. Detangling using a wooden comb is pain free and prevent breakage too.

Prevents Greasiness

Wooden combs evenly distribute the oil from scalp to hair and so prevents the hair from greasiness. Wooden combs help the hair to stay healthy.

Prevents Dandruff

As wooden comb distributes the scalp oil evenly as well as wooden comb teeth are rounded from the edge and so they are soft and gentle to the scalp and prevents skin irritation it prevents Dandruff.

Boosts Blood Flow

Proper blood circulation is very important for having a healthy hair and scalp. When you use wooden comb, it gives a massaging effect to your hair. This gives a good effect to your nerves, quietens your mind and combing makes you feel good.  Boosting your blood flow.

Improves Hair Growth

When you use a wooden comb, the scalp gets nourished with proper nutrients and it also improves blood circulation, hence improves hair growth and making them bouncy and thicker.

Eliminates dirt and other foreign particles

Metal and plastic combs have more static charge due to which its more likely that dust and dirt will stick to the comb and hair will be more exposed to it. Whereas a wooden comb helps in brushing out the dust and won’t deposit dust.


   Wooden combs are stronger compared to plastic combs. The teeth of plastic combs can break easily. Wooden combs are not only beneficial for your hair but once you dispose your wooden comb it will return to earth, hence beneficial for the environment too.

Recommended by Dermatologists

Since a wooden comb has so many benefits and is a natural antiseptic for your scalp it is recommended by most dermatologists and hairstylists.

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