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Active Parenting: Family-Friendly Activities That Will Get the Heart Racing

These days parents need to be diligent about getting their children away from screens and outdoors. And often it starts with the parent having to do the same thing, and put their phone down. Going out and doing something active is a great way to get the whole family having fun and creating memorable experiences that gets the blood pumping, improves fitness, and is a good enough draw card to get kids away from computers. Here are some family-friendly ideas to get your squad out and moving!

Jump For Joy

Indoor play centres and trampoline parks are an inexpensive and all-encompassing way to get your family out and having fun. There is no skill required, all it takes is a little enthusiasm. Most of these centres contain multiple amusements such as trampolines, games like dodgeball, and rock climbing, so you can easily spend a day at a centre and work your way through a bunch of fun. The best thing is, it’s impossible not to have fun, so even disgruntled teenagers will end up having a blast.

Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing offers a challenging, active and fun way for you and your children to develop strength, coordination, and self-belief. Reaching the top of a hard climbs offers a tremendous amount of satisfaction and accomplishment – the reward of hard work, which is a great lesson for your family to learn.


Go-karting is great fun for everyone and again, it offers that thrill of a challenge and satisfaction of a victory. It’s also a fairly level playing field so young children can match it with adults which creates a whole new level of fun when mum or dad is being beaten. Depending on where you go, it can work out to be a little expensive, but every now and then it’s a great family activity!


If you don’t own bikes, it’s not expensive to hire some and take a family cycling tour. This is a great activity as it lends a sense of adventure when you all set off to explore somewhere new and possibly settle down for lunch in a new part of town, or by the water. Cycling isn’t too strenuous but it’s enough of a workout to get the blood moving and build up a little sweat, which should be part of the goal.

Water Parks

During the summer time there isn’t much that beats a good water park. Again, the good water parks can become an expensive activity but a lot of them offer season passes or special deals, so try to be thrifty about it. Water parks are a lot of fun for everyone and it’s in those moments when you’re slightly terrified and flying down a slide screaming that you really bond with your children. Shared experiences is what it’s all about, and it offers something to then talk about later. It’s also a great active day out, climbing stairs to the tops of slide towers, swimming in pools, and getting some sun. So, cool off and hit up a water park!

There’s a lot you can do to get your family out and about, the main ingredient needed is a bit of energy and enthusiasm. We all get tired after a week of work and sometimes the thought of getting the whole family moving can be draining, but it’s always worth it. Most families these days have two working parents so making time to engage with our kids in a playful, unstructured way will help to strengthen the bonds of family while getting everyone out and active. Make the most of your weekends and get outdoors!

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