Another Family: 6 Tips to find your Perfect Flatmate

Living alone in a flat, PG or apartment in a new city far away from your parents may feel like hell and can be a dreadful experience for you. That boring time when there’s not a single word from the surroundings and the disgusting feel when you are unable to take the opinion of either red dress or pink denim is something like frustrating life days. Then strikes the idea of getting a roommate or PG mate plus friend to share, laugh, cry, cook, dance, play, chat and enjoy every moment of student’s life.



Most often, every person has different opinions, choices, likes, habits, dislikes, lifestyle, and compatibility; so it will be hard to find out the creature you are compatible with. Here, we let you know the easy methods of finding a perfect roommate:


  1. Advertisement:Do you want to share flat, apartment or PG accommodation? Are you interested in becoming a room partner? Roomie needed!!! These kinds of advertisements either in the newspaper or on the social media platform are the best option to search a perfect match for a room partner. The advanced online portals offer much more to advertise your needs or requirements like they give options to add attractive views or photos of apartment or flat, facilities like club house, pool, concierge, laundry type, lifestyle bonus, restroom, bed type and size, cooking area, outing timings, rent, inclusions and exclusions of rent agreement.


While advertising and feeding the options, feel free to announce the type of luxuries and do not forget to mention your habits, nature, fun and serious side very clearly, as it will also overcome the chances of roommate conflicts later.

  1. Coordinate and Filter your Search:How can I search for a roommate or room partner online? What procedures have I to follow after advertisement? These queries definitely strike in your mind because many of us are not familiar with the process of how these search engines work. So, why not take a lesson or get easy tips to know their mechanism. For that, you can check the process online or take recommendations from the apartment owners. Generally, they have the references of many students, individuals, and professionals who are ready to become a room partner. You can easily coordinate and connect online with them. If still, you are unable to reach the best options then make your mind well prepared for the “Self Search and Approach Process.” What you have to do is browse roommate matching service online; create a profile to search an individual who is in the same situation as you are. Chat with him/her, match the hobbies and similarities.

Try to make your search as per the preferred location or area. For assistance, you can add a team of your friends to browse more and more options of a particular city or town. Covering locations one by one, you will surely win to meet the candidate with whom you are ready to share a room, bed, books, table and more importantly, good time.

  1. Schedule a Meeting:Hey Buddy!! Are you free this weekend? Can we meet? These message pings can happen at any time. Forget about the busy schedules and give time to your preferences and necessities. It is particularly advisable to all those roommate seekers, who do not spare 5-10 minutes to check the online updates or notifications of approaching guys. Remember, if you are in an instant need, so they are. Therefore, when they ping you or drop a message for you, you should revert back without any delay.


Get a comfortable time to chat and discuss living, suitability, and acceptance. If you find the chatting person interesting and agreeable to share space with you, then why not join him/her over a cup of coffee and chat lively to observe the behavior, sensitivity, and opinion. Maybe this first meeting and chit chat session would last for a lifetime friendship and share different life moments all together.

  1. Check out the Compatibility:While chatting or meeting the selected person, you should be open minded to discuss all silly, happy or bad issues so that you would not regret it later. Provide a comfortable environment to the approaching person so that he/she can freely discuss the situations or feelings with you. Ask simple questions about the cooking, cleaning, and room maintenance skills, sleeping time, job profile, weekend plan, music choice, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, homesick or party buddy, good habits like dance classes, yoga session, sharing things, bad habits like smoking, or any other addiction. It might look like you are taking an interview, but you have to in order to match the understanding level of both individuals and to avoid the later on troubles, conflicts and cat fights.
  1. Be clear for the Financial Management:Do you have a job or earning hand? If not, then how will you manage your expenditures? Though it can be a little awkward deal, but it is quite essential to be very clear about the payment. Plus, after sharing rooms, both will have to pay the equal share of electricity, gas and water bills, or maid charges, rent of cable connection, and Wi-Fi, Meals, groceries, items like washing gel, washroom necessities, sanitation products and other purchases. Though money and expenditures matter a lot to the individuals, professionals or students who are residing outside and making all these by their own or on a fixed amount, so better to be agreed on this matter at the starting phase. Be honest and straightforward for the sharing and spending deals.
  1. Search on the Go:The Internet is a powerful medium to explore the world all around. Meeting childhood friends on a social media is a common thing that all people do, but when it comes to finding a PG mate or roommate online, this medium offers you the best possible ways on a large platform where you can clearly mention all your requirements or needs. The website portals and mobile apps let you have a conversation or chat with the people you are interested in sharing flat, apartment, or PG accommodation. With this, you can easily discover the likes and dislikes of the people. This system keeps the entire information of your profile and message chat quite safe and secure.

If you want to share the rental space with a partner and looking for a perfect roommate, then pick your phone, make your mind to collect your requirements or tastes, click on Google, browse an online portal and post your advertisement. Meanwhile, don’t forget to follow these tips to get instant approaches on your ad!!

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