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AstroSpeak – Check Your March Horoscope Before Making Your Choices!

Can you really predict your future or the events of your life? Never! Life is most uncertain, teaching us at every path newer lessons that we happen to forget with time. Horoscopes and astrology are just simple guidelines to help you make your uncertain life happy and prosperous. So, what does your horoscope for the month have in store for you? Are you going to experience happy colors of life or will you be facing grievances and make mistakes? Check out your astrology for the month and make the right choices.

Aries HoroscopeAries

Love comes calling as the week begins. The married ones, though, may have to rely on their inventiveness to re-ignite the spark in their relationship. And, why not – when you are open to reconsidering growth strategies, taking risks and going all out to ensure career/ business success – why leave behind your personal realm! Don’t venture anywhere too soon, too fast, says Ganesha. 4th and 5th are full of pleasant distractions, and it only helps that you are full of verve and energy. A relaxed and stable scenario, however, must not make you complacent. Keep putting in your best efforts. With Saturn and Jupiter in slightly challenging positions for most part of the year, you cannot afford to rest on your laurels. There is nothing to fear, though, as struggle and hard work will eventually bring gains. Observe strict discipline to achieve success. 12th and 13th bring some worries. Why are you so restless? Cam down and focus on the present. Creative activities and new ideas are supported by stars now. Don’t leave a chance to make a mark, when the opportunity arrives. 15th brings a gain, which makes you happy. Social stars also brighten up, bringing you pleasure. Seems the cosmos is conspiring to keep you in a happy mood – every which way. For students, it means distractions, though. What will you do to ensure your focus stays where it should be? Starting 19th, begins a hectic period. Maybe, you are back from a small vacation, and work things are scampering for your attention – right, left and centre. Cheer up, as Mars will imbue you with all the energy and force you need to battle it out in the professional arena. This is a great time to start a new fitness regime. Overall a good time for business/ job, love and health, assures Ganesha. But, here is a condition – just don’t be too brash in your attitude – not even with your subordinates. Relay instructions, but finish it all with a smile. 25th sees Mercury turning retrograde. Your eloquence takes a beating, so don’t schedule talks/ presentations now. Health and money roadblocks may be around the corner. Be on your toes and just fight it all out!

Taurus HoroscopeTaurus

Life’s a mixed bag of fortunes for you, this month. When your Sign ruler Venus buoys you, hard task-master brings you down to real life. It’s like an always churning wheel of ups and downs – but thankfully, you get your due highs. Delays and struggle make you what you are – a strong, indomitable force, reminds Ganesha. On 2nd or 3rd, you meet someone influential or special. Ones already in love relationships get the cosmic nod to further their bond – at this time. After 5th, Venus moves to your 12th House, Aries. You will be full of enthusiasm and optimism, albeit a bit naïve or extravagant. With so much fantasy in air, it would be easy to forget the realities of life. Don’t! Love, partying and social stars remain bright till 9th, after which Jupiter turns retrograde – and this is after when, you have to be extra careful. This may have a major impact on your marital life and business partnerships. So, be extra careful, and watch your words and actions. Increase your reserves of patience to tide, over this phase. Don’t worry, though, because all the effects of retrogression will not manifest at once. 19th sees you in an excellent mood! By 21st, your 12th House is again abuzz with planetary activity. Indulgent and given to pleasurable activities, you may spend a lot. Travelling to a far flung destination is also likely. Social and party circuit will entice you, and you may continue to flaunt. Around 25th, Mercury turns retrograde. Life takes on a slower pace. 26th is an equally languid, mellow day, when you prefer staying away from bustling life. The month draws to an end on a slightly confused, muddled note – what with communication glitches, you feeling torn between fantasy and reality and work – slower than you prefer. Hang on! And, do not, at any cost, ignore your health.

Gemini HoroscopeGemini

Spotlight is on family and finances related matters, as the month begins. Try finding solutions to your problems, without hurting the feelings of your loved ones. Career growth also occupies a prominent space in your mind, but don’t ignore your near ones. Parents will be happy on their kids’ success. Meanwhile, on 2nd or 3rd, something unethical may catch your attention. Steer clear! 5th is a day full of romance and creativity. Don’t let any negative influences dampen your happy mood. Enjoy the relaxed, positive time, while it lasts, before again on 8th, finances and material matters may call for your attention. You are still, optimistic and full of energy, though, and that also reflects in your marital zone. However, just don’t let arrogance overpower you, warns Ganesha. 12th and 13th are not great days – or so it seems. Why are you so fidgety and restless? Ask yourself! Whatever it is – cannot be more important than your health and your family. So, know your priorities – and also give due attention to this background issue. Love and romance look set to being happiness around 15th and 16th. Marriage may not be an equally positive domain, at the moment, though. Patience and positive words are great balms, reminds Ganesha. Family expenses will increase. Don’t forget to lead a balanced lifestyle. 19th and 20th bring some gains – and also a pleasant time with family. What more do you need! However, this is also a time when you must take very good care of yourself. Injuries and accidents are likely. 22nd and 23rd bring fresh positivity. Gains may come from friends, family or old bosses. But, you will also gain from meditating – as this will rejuvenate you. Don’t schedule anything important – legal, professional, stage-related – post 25th, as Mercury turns retrograde, laying hurdles onto your path. There may be communication troubles or gadget break-downs. Talk to your mom and maternal relations, – with prudence. The month ends on a slow note – but that’s not a bad thing. Use this time to review your strategies and actions – and maybe even plan some for future. Reserve their implementation for later, though!

Cancer HoroscopeCancer

Filled with a desire to prove yourself, you begin the month on a high note. So, even if this demands late working hours and extra efforts, you are in it. Great, but just don’t ignore your well-being, as 3rd and 4th looks set to be slightly off or weak days. On 5th, your mind may not be where you wish it to be. Are there any financial worries? Chill, things are bad only in your mind, most likely. Around 7th, Venus and Mercury enter Aries, buoying you almost immediately. Work perks up, and so do people around you. What are you waiting for? Meanwhile, don’t take any financial risks. Things may not be stable there. 12th and 13th are a lot about organizational stuff at work – which is good. Do the same for your personal accounts – if you find some time. Any which way, don’t let the hurdles and disturbances in day to day life affect your balance. As for love – there may be too much work and worldly matters to leave any space at all! Chances are you are still not at your best, by 17th. Drive carefully, and re-align your mind and senses – actually ‘be’ where you are! Busy work days call back for your attention in the third week. But there may be constant pulls and pushes on the work as well as marital front – blame it on the meeting of Mars and Saturn your 7th House. There is disharmony – but nothing so big that you cannot manage with some careful restraint and loving, soothing words. 22nd is your day under the sun – and coming few days are equally shiny, provided you are willing to take advantage. 25th and 26th again bring some health and money worries, what with Mercury turning retrograde. Marching back to your shell is not the answer, reminds Ganesha! Watch your words, though, as misunderstandings are possible. Communication glitches are a prominent feature, during Mercury retrograde – so you can’t be careful enough explaining your stance – especially to a disgruntled partner. Watch your step, along the way!

Leo HoroscopeLeo

You ring in the month on a happy note, connecting and hobnobbing on the social front. Aren’t you such a social butterfly? Go slow, though, as unforeseen expenses may blow up your plans. Moreover, keep your safety and well-being a top priority. Avoid late nights and over-work or over indulgence in drinks or anything. Health needs a lot of care on 3rd and 4th. Around 5th or 6th Venus and Mercury move to your 9th House – the fortune zone, making you happy. Prosperous times and new opportunities wait for you. There may be a major change on the horizon too – but a lot depends on your birth chart. If you are student, progress may be slow. 12th brings back the worries of a looming deadline. You may have hardly worked on it in the last few days, and now you can’t stop stressing. Pace of life take a slower route – making you groan inwardly, every time there is a delay. Ignore and keep moving ahead. Jupiter starts its retrogression now, which is the reason. Don’t expect immediate results. Do spend time with your loved ones – and yourself, though. 19th is a day full of hope and vibrance. But, don’t be hasty. 21st and 22nd are confident days, but it doesn’t mean – again – that you can be rash or careless, reminds Ganesha. Encouraging monetary gains may come your way. A new relationship for singles may be round the corner. What’s more – Committed or married ones too will have stars in their favor. Now, this is rare! Enjoy. Stay practical and health-conscious even more, though, as Mercury turns retrograde in month’s last week. Unexpected expenses may derail your budget. Defer starting something new for the time being, as things may appear more attractive than they actually are. Work remains hectic, but be careful while communicating anything – in any scenario – work, home, legal, general – the works. There will be chores and assignments taking your extra time, but stay devoted towards your health and fitness regimes.

Virgo - HoroscopeVirgo

Keep a positive attitude, as the month begins. Even when things are stressful, try looking at things from a different perspective, keeping the bigger picture in mind. 3rd or 4th are irksome days, which may leave you restless. Be careful, as you also run the risk of getting injured.5th brings family and finances to fore. Your mood may be a little low. Jupiter will keep safeguarding you and your interests, assures Ganesha. 7th brings some temporary relief – or you may simply be detached. Mars influences the 10th House (of profession), which helps you perform well. Students also have the stars in their favour. On 9th, Jupiter turns retrograde. Pace of life slows down further. Don’t fret at the stagnant pace; stay motivated. On 12th, your mind is more cautious than usual. What is stopping you? It is a good time to strategize. On work front, stay focused – on the tasks at hand. Research and study projects need extra efforts now. 19th sees you in a good mood, probably ready to shop to the heart’s content – or maybe out on a trip with friends. You feel full of energy, but then, Saturn comes in the picture – reminding you of life’s practicalities. Unexpected expenditure on family requirements is possible. Happily, though, you will come across an opportunity to make money – out of the way – provided you are quick enough. 21st and 22nd are your days – in every sense – make full use, says Ganesha. Aren’t you such a pretty picture – this way? Why can’t you be more light hearted, free of biases – more often? Think! Praise and recognition come your way. Alas, good times don’t last long – not with equal intensity, at least. On 25th Mercury turns retrograde. What you started recently may hit a roadblock! There may be work glitches, and suddenly you may seem unsure of yourself. If you are a student or are trying to seize a deadline – stars may not help you much. Watch your back, especially when legal or written documentation is involved. You are an eloquent speaker, but for now, just keep mum, when you really don’t have the best thing to say.

Libra HoroscopeLibra

As three important planets are influencing your 10th House – of Karma – you will be a busy bee, when the month begins. There will be opportunities too, and stay focused to make the most of them in business and profession. Stars also favour research and educational endeavours. Hobbies and creative activities too will be refreshing now. 5th and 6th are all about material and practical realm. Family and personal needs seem to be on a rise – and so is your ambition to make more money. Persist and work hard – and Jupiter’s positive influences will help you achieve and succeed, assures Ganesha. 7th and 8th witness a change in priorities, as you focus shifts to love and partnerships (these could be business ones too). 9th sees Jupiter turning retrograde, so it would be better that you organize the most important stuff, before this time. On 12th, you are being reticent or cautious. Is some family matter making you restless? Relax – things surely are better than they may seem at the moment, soothes Ganesha. Be careful, though, for a new person may not be the same as seems on surface. Ketu is moving from your 5th House – and you have to be on guard. In love, committed ones may be planning to set a date for their nuptial vows. Dates and romantic dinner are all nice, but avoid late night binges. 19th and 20th are full of enthusiasm and hope. Arrogance is a no-no, though. Move ahead with due diligence. You may experience strong cosmic pulls, owing to Saturn and Mars in the same zone – now. Find balance and listen to your gut, says Ganesha. There’s a lot happening in your 7th House – which is bound to leave you confused and a little out of sorts. This is a really rush-rush time, but in your mind and heart – just slow down. Even Mercury tells you to do so –w hen it turns retrograde on 25th. In the ensuing days, there may be confusions, misunderstandings or network break-downs. Have you not been able to contact someone important? Blame it on the cosmic scenery – and plod through. Career matters may keep you occupied, taking you mind, thankfully, away from a restless personal sphere, as the month ends.

Scorpio HoroscopeScorpio

The month’s beginning propels you to the throes of activity and buzz of life – much against your wishes. Venus’ favourable placement further indicates a buzzing time on love and social front. 2nd and 3rd are excellent days for creative activities, hanging out with friends and even proposing to a sweetheart. On 5th, you may be making good profits. By 8th, you may be neck deep in work. Venus and Mercury’s positive influence on your 6th House will help you stay out of trouble and controversy, assures Ganesha. Are you attracted to someone at work? Expressive and eloquent, you will be quite charming now. However, even when on surface all seems well, something may keep nagging you. Love, thankfully, acts as a soothing balm. But, a new fling may be just that – a short term fling. Plan most important activities, before 9th, as after that Jupiter turns retrograde. 12th and 13th too are not easy days – not in your mind, at least. Jupiter is now retrograde in your 2nd House – of finances and family. Keep a tab on your expenses. Committed ones may plan to take the nuptial route. Later around 19th or 20th, Mars meets Saturn in your 3rd House. Expect a cosmic tussle, pulling you in two disparate directions. Which side would you choose? Well, decide for yourself, especially, as this concerns your social life, siblings, friends or dealings with people at work/ business. From 23rd through the month end, you have to take extra care to safeguard your health and well-being – and also that of your father, father-figures. Watch your relations with these male authority figures and with your bosses and seniors at work, adds Ganesha. At work and in business – quality matters to you more than quantity now! 25th is when Mercury turns retrograde, adding to your troubles. Beginning 26th, career matters – especially concerning day to day activities, routine affairs and dealings with higher-ups – take up your time. Double check your work, before submitting. Network and gadget break-downs are possible. Avoid signing any legal documents, as the month ends.

Sagittarious HoroscopeSagittarius

You may not be feeling your best, when the month opens. Your mind is surrounded by so many planetary influences, and this is bound to weigh you down. Find time for yoga, fitness or meditation – as this will be hugely relaxing. Your physical stamina and energy are high, so direct this restless force towards something creative. Overall, you remain motivated to perform well, and the monetary gains around 3rd and 4th are sure to buoy you. Distractions galore, though. You are quite into enjoyment and pleasure-seeking activities, on 5th and 6th. This family fun time will be hugely relaxing. A religious or spiritual ceremony or an act of kindness may also make you spend money, bringing you peace. What’s more – Mars moving through your Sign blesses you with required vigor and energy. But don’t be hasty or ruthless. Around 8th, Venus and Mercury move to Aries, your 5th House. Creativity overflows, and the universe favors your ventures. Are you getting ready to welcome a new member in your family? Spend time painting, dancing, singing or playing with kids. On 9th, Jupiter turns retrograde, adding some fresh hurdles. But, this will be a gradual process, effects of which will not be manifest immediately, assure Ganesha. Just keep a tighter than usual grip on your money reserves. Business people may get an opportunity to strike a profitable deal. Work and career also remain stable. Around 17th or 18th, partying may give you chance to meet someone special – but the fling will be short-lived, most likely. Steer clear if already married or committed, warns Ganesha. Now, Mars is with Saturn in your 2nd House. Your find is a flurry of buzzing ideas – what to do, what not to do. Take good care of you and your loved ones’ well-being and safety. 23rd and 24th see you shining and possibly bringing laurels – or feeling extra charming. On 25th, though, pace slows down yet again, as Mercury turns retrograde. 26th and 27th are avoidable, if some important work is on agenda. Reschedule! An old issue re-surfaces. Approach it carefully, as things may change again, when Mercury turns direct – in a few weeks’ time.

Capricorn HoroscopeCapricorn

Your home and partner remain at the centre of your universe, as the month begins. All your efforts seem to be directed to ensure everything is just perfect there. Remember – you can only do so much! Do all you can, but don’t forget yourself in the process. On 3rd or 4th, spend some me-time, doing what you love the best – reading, cooking, watching sitcoms – whatever! Your mind is all about work on 5th and 6th. Short term travels for business yield great results now. Your social stars are bright, so meeting someone interesting or influential is likely. Around 7th or 8th, Venus and Mercury enter Aries, your 4th House. Things get even better, especially on the home front. Schedule your most important stuff, before 9th, as Jupiter turns retrograde after this. Why are you stuck up and cautious on 12th and 13th? Loosen up a bit – though, throwing all caution to the wind is not your style. Find time to laugh and live a little more in the days that follow – even if work is not as you wish it to be. In personal realm – cosmos favours the love birds, willing to-be parents couples and new parents. As for the married ones – is it ever completely glitch-free? You will manage, Ganesha is sure! And, it is your health. 18th or 19th are days when you have to be extra careful. After 19th, Mars fills you with energy, verve and confidence. But, Mars comes close to Saturn now – so expect pushes and pulls – because these two unfriendly giants have contradictory views – on how you should live your life. Whom would you listen to? Yourself! Mars and Saturn also influence your 7th House; keep a close eye on your marital, personal and business partnerships zone. Happily, this boosts your libido. See there is a silver lining everywhere! 25th is when Mercury turns retrograde – adding fuel to the fire of your troubles. Slow down! Home may not be a peaceful sanctuary for a while. Be there to tend to your responsibilities, though. Don’t let insecurities bog you down – for there will be some raising their head. Month-end is not as rosy as the beginning was – but for you, it’s only a matter of few days.

Aquarius - HoroscopeAquarius

The happy beginnings of the month may soon turn to some blues, as you may feel that things are not moving your way. See within – as sometimes, we are imagining the adversities. Yes, the planets are to be blamed in some way – but look at their blessings too. Jupiter, traveling in your 10th House of profession, will help you to a great extent. But, a lot also depends on your personal motivation and ability to stay disciplined, reminds Ganesha. Money doesn’t seem to be your problem, for now, with Jupiter also casting its influence on your 2nd House of family and finances. There may be a function or ceremony at home. Around 7th or 8th, you may experience surreal connections. Is someone from your past making a re-appearance? A relationship revival is likely. Ones planning to fix their marriage date – should do it before 10th, advises Ganesha. From 11th, Jupiter turns retrograde, and that is a sure sign that you have to get out of your comfort zone now. You must take care, especially while handling financial matters. Refrain from promising, borrowing or lending money. Around 14th or so, you may be filled with an urge to buy that coveted luxury bag or gadget or whatever catches your fancy. Spend only as your means allow! Back home, there is some issue calling for your attention – please be there and contribute constructively. 17th and 18th bring love vibes. Reveal your inner feelings to someone, whom you have admired for long. 19th and 20th are all about caution and vigilance. Good change! In-love couples planning to get married may face some resistance. Around 22nd, planets cluster up in your 3rd House. Expect your social life to hit a crescendo. Short term travels are possible. You may also be meeting your mom or maternal relations. Work gets demanding at the same time – oh, the life’s ironies! 25th brings a Mercury retrogression. Time to put on your blinkers! Focus solely on yourself – and on your safety and well-being, till early next month. An injury cannot be ruled out.

Pisces - HoroscopePisces

You begin the month on a slightly confused note – thinking in divergent directions, many of which may be against your basic nature/ thought process. Not a wrong thing always, says Ganesha. This mental chaos, however, may affect your focus – so be careful. Making extra money is on your mind, on the 3rd and 4th. 5th is a day full of creative inspiration. You may also use this time to pursue your spiritual or religious interests. Your dreams have got wings now; just don’t forget to keep your feet planted firmly on ground. 7th or 8th may bring personal hurt. Keep and open mind, and forgive – or, at least, move on pretty soon. Now, Mercury and Venus move to Aries, your 2nd House. Finances and family take the central plot. Avoid scheduling anything significantly crucial after 9th, though, as Jupiter turns retrograde. Then soon after 11th, your mind wanders to gains, monetary benefits and your associations. A personal relationship may leave you confused, though. Be tactful and patient, if you value this bond. But, there is no time to rest. Re-align and bring your energies back to your work and material plane. Watch where you step, though, as you may be injury prone now. Soon Mars moves to join Saturn in your 11th House. Brace up! On 19th and 20th, despite being quite stable, finances and family remain stable, but take up your attention. Why are acting so headstrong, or rather arrogant on 22nd? Tone down that attitude of yours mister (or miss)! Things will get worse in your relationships domain – if you keep this behavior. Don’t alienate your friends; but stay careful in face of new alliances. 24th and 25th may be heavy on your pockets. Watch out! Mercury turns retrograde around the same time, adding some troubles. Be extremely careful in all matters related to money and family. Share-market traders will need to be doubly careful. Omissions and mistakes are likely. Love relationships may also bear the planetary brunt – so ensure keep everything transparent between you and your beloved. Dual yet conflicting influence of Mars and Saturn in your 11th House may make you question some of your friendly and social equations, as the month ends.

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