Horoscope December 2017

Will Your Year End on a Good Note? Check the Predictions and Blessings Ganesha has for You!

With yet another year coming to an end, it is time to plan and workout your New Year goals! Whether it is your Love life, professional life, family or finances, make wise decisions based on the predictions Ganesha has for you and steer ahead with Happiness, Sanctity and Righteousness!

Aries HoroscopeAries

Venus, Sun and Saturn are posited in 9th House from your Sign, as the month begins. Mercury has turned retrograde recently. Interesting! Venus and Sun in the House of fortune is a good indication, but close company of two enemies Saturn and Sun may not be such a great influence. What happens? Matters of heart reach a crossroads on 5th or 6th. There are opportunities, but you may keep missing them. Backward moving Mercury will stall progress, telling you to slow down. What should you do? Well, take a break, if you can. And, take care of your health. Possibly, get in touch with a few old friends. Mars, your Sign ruler, moves to your 8th House that signifies mysteries, endings, hidden desires, subconscious thoughts, love for the unknown etc. You get the picture? Guard your safety and well being, says Ganesha. As for work, let things remain on the back-burner for now. In fact, it’s likely that you may be taking a break, maybe utilizing your yearly leave, around 14th to 17th. This is also a good time to develop an interesting relationship. Is it a holiday crush? Well, don’t forget the reality. Finances and family remain sorted, thanks to Jupiter. Expenses rise, though. On 18th, you shall be extra optimistic about your future growth prospects. It’s a New Moon day, so take time out to plan and envisage your strategies for month and year ahead. After all 2017 is about to say bye bye soon. On 21st Saturn moves to its own Sign, Capricorn, your 10th House. This is a long-term change, and its effects will manifest in due course. On 22nd, Sun joins Saturn in Capricorn. Now, you must remain very careful in your interactions with authority figures, bosses and male management/ board members at work. On 24th Mercury turns direct, bringing some cheer. However, your health may play a spoil-sport, especially if you suffer from a lifestyle ailment. Careful! Last week of 2017 may see a tad bit passive and laidback. Thankfully, your mood changes soon, and you are bubbling with energy and enthusiasm by 27th. Venus also enters your Professional sphere (10th House) now. Extra kick of cosmic energy here will keep you busy at work. Will you end the year working? Are you somehow combining love and work? Happy New Year!

Taurus HoroscopeTaurus

Ruler of your Sign Venus is in company of Saturn, Mercury and Sun in the 8th House (Sagittarius) from your Sign, as the month begins. Emotions may run high. Since this busy planetary activity happens in the 8th House, your well being and mental peace may be affected adversely. Guard your health fiercely. This is not a time to push things. A small holiday will be a good idea, says Ganesha. A special relationship may be under considerable duress. Be gentle and tactful. You may be prone to thinking negatively, but that will not help. Have patience. On 10th, Mars shifts to Scorpio (your 7th House), joining the company of Jupiter. This will keep you energized and active enough to battle it out, against the cosmic war going on in the 8th House. Mars having an aspect over your 10th House is a good indication for your professional battle-field too, but it will keep you busy. In a committed relationship, you may get tired of unbecoming conduct of the other person. Thoughts of re-considering may cross your mind. Wait! Health still needs a lot of care, on 16th and 17th. Find time for relaxation, as you may be mentally fatigued. On 18th, there is a planetary Stellium in Sagittarius, your 8th House. Avoid long journeys, travel, or intense sports. You may be mentally hassled. Talk less, listen more. If you are planning to party, ensure you do not drink and drive. On 21st, Saturn goes to your 9th House, and on 22nd Sun joins Saturn. Your fears will be allayed, to some extent. Fortunes may still not favour you, but you will be able to take reins in your hands! Good news comes on 24th, when Mercury becomes direct. Venus joins the party in your 9th House on 26th. Pressures ease, love beckons. Get back home in time on 27th and 28th. You may have a happy surprise in store. Enjoy the last week of 2017, but ensure that you take care of yourself and your loved ones. As the year ends, work will grip you, leaving no time for leisure. This is actually good. You will know why!

Gemini HoroscopeGemini

Take the last month of the year to look back and review your actions. Anyway, there won’t be much action, thanks to the ongoing Mercury retrogression. Don’t get irritated or frustrated. With cluster of four planets traversing through the 7th House from your Sign, you may face issues in your committed/ married relationship, or business partnerships. Such delicate stuff needs prompt attention! Look to take a short break, says Ganesha. On 10th, Mars moves to Scorpio. You must remain careful of your swinging moods. 11th brings a fresh surge of hope. Well, that’s a good sign. Look outside your troubles. Take a hike, a trek or join a cycling group. See nature and immerse yourself on the ‘world’. You will be able to resolve some issues – at least, in your mind. Strong Mars in company of Jupiter will make a good case for professionals and ones looking for new assignments. A handsome remuneration may also come your way. Influence of Jupiter over the 2nd House will help you maintain stable finances. However, all the stress and fatigue of past few days may affect your health, around 16th or 17th. Be careful, and keep a balanced lifestyle, come what may! 18th is another good day in this month of jammed and crammed cosmic influences. Take advantage of the optimism New Moon sends your way. Sadly, the troubles on marital/partnership front may return on 19th and 20th, making you consider a major step. STOP! Whatever it is, let this settle, and then take your decisions – maybe in the brand new year. On 21st, Saturn leaves your 7th House and moves to Capricorn, 8th House. On 22nd Sun joins Saturn. Feeling detached and lost? Well, take great care of your health and safety. Guard yourself from negative thoughts and destructive plans. If possible, leave everything gently and tactfully, and for a few days, head to hills (metaphorically!). Entry of Venus in Capricorn, late on 27th will cheer you up. Plan a party for the year end. But, do not drink and drive. End the year on a positive note please, says Ganesha.

Cancer HoroscopeCancer

This is the month when you should take great care of your routine life, work life and personal health, especially mental health. Remain careful if you suffered from a disease in past, as it may return to trouble you now. Take great care, says Ganehsa. You begin the month on a slightly irritable note. Has someone made you angry? Well, there’s no merit in making yourself suffer for someone else’s stupid mistake. Venus has now moved into Sagittarius, in company of Saturn, Sun and retrograde Mercury, in the 6th House from your Sign. Wow! That’s a lot of cosmic energy in one sector – and that sector is not positive. If things are slow, take time to rewind and review your past actions. Reflect! There may not be much exciting in store on the occupational front or financial front. Take a break, or join a class to learn some new stuff. And, soothe your senses, feed your mind and rest your body. Sounds good? Cluster of four planets in the 6th House is a troublesome indication, to put it simply. Take care to keep your routine in top shape. Watch your relations with male family or work staff members. They may become stressful. Thankfully, the key positive, supportive cosmic indicators will come to your rescue. So, relax, as the union of strong Mars and Jupiter in the 5th House from your Sign will work favorably for you. A new relationship, kids, creative activities, innovative ventures, your bid to learn something new – all or some of these shall bring you joy and solace. Students will also get support from these two planets, provided they stay disciplined. Let the holiday cheer – cheer you up, says Ganesha. On 21st, Saturn leaves your 6th House and moves to 7th House from your Sign – Capricorn. Sun follows suit on 22nd. And, late on 24th Mercury becomes direct. A difficult period is coming to an end for your personal and work sphere. But, all may not be well on your relationship front. Do not become aggressive in your speech. Egoistic behavior will go against you – big time. Family matters, especially ones concerning elder/ old male members, need tact. Christmas relaxes you; it’s a good time to start thinking positively. Around 27th, Venus enters your 7th House, causing another robust combination with Sun and Saturn. Change is in the air, as you end the year. Married folks – try enjoying a stress-free New Year’s eve!

Leo HoroscopeLeo

Venus is in the eminent company of Saturn, Sun and (retrograde) Mercury, in the 5th House (Sagittarius) from your Sign, as the month begins. It’s a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth, along with a slow, laggard one pushing you back in time. Confusions galore! Miscommunication, misunderstanding, and communication glitches will catch you unawares. Someone from your past may come back pleading. Weigh the situation, and if all seems well, accept and forgive, suggests Ganesha. Holding grudges only saps your positive energy! A new/ renewed relationship is likely. On 10th, Mars shifts into its own Sign Scorpio, the 4th House. Tell mommy dearest how much you love her! 11th brings opportunities for partying socializing, calling on old friends, casual meetings and wining/ dining. Financial stars shine brightly, but that must not lead you into a new venture. Hold your horses there, as of now, says Ganesha. Let a close colleague take the lead, if it comes to finalizing a deal or presenting a creative idea now. Listen to others! It is good time for planning changes in your working methods. Ones pursuing higher education shall make steady progress. 18th infuses love in the air! Are you thinking of someone new? Singles keen to develop a serious long-term relationship will get support from the cosmos. Do not be in a hurry to enjoy physical intimacy, though. On 21st, Saturn, in a long term move, enters its own Sign Capricorn, 6th House from your Sign. Sun joins Saturn on 22nd. Later Venus will join the two on 27th. This is not good news. You must guard your relationships, especially at work. Your routine may get affected adversely too. Mercury becomes direct on 24th, which will be a saving grace, thankfully. Holiday cheer should cheer you up. Take a work break on 25th and 26th, and focus on aligning your routine affairs, so any hurdles there won’t leave you exhausted or angry. If you are vacationing, take care of your luggage and your sweet relations. Steady relationships may suddenly seem shaky, as the year ends. Have you had too much to drink on a pre-New Year party? Lie low for a few days, as this will pass soon.

Virgo - HoroscopeVirgo

The ruler of the 2nd and the 9th Houses for your Sign – Venus shifts to Sagittarius, early in the month. It joins Sun, Saturn and retrograde Mercury in your 4th House. That’s a burst of planetary activity in your zone of home, heart and motherly love. There will be energy, there will be drive but there may not be results. Mercury’s retrogression will stall ‘real’ action. Sun and Saturn together may also put a block in the way to your happiness. Actually, if you don’t think much, nothing will happen, tells Ganesha. So, stay relaxed, even if work remains slow and stagnant. Anyway, your focus shall be on your personal and family sphere. Do not forget your fitness schedules, though. On 10th, Mars moves to Scorpio, 3rd House from your Sign. While working on a computer at home, keep saving your data, or you may lose a chunk of it. Keep an effective back up. Be gentle towards elderly female members and your mommy dearest. She may frustrate you, but please let this pass. Same applies to your mom-in-law, if you are married, or this may create marital discord, warns Ganesha. New business ventures won’t be a good idea. Save financial investments for a later date too. At work, go with the flow. Don’t vent your anger on anyone innocent. Romance takes a backseat. 18th is certainly not a good day to test uncharted territories. Some of you may get a new member in their family – through birth or marriage. On 19th and 20th, many of you will wish to ‘perform’ at work or at a stage, as you want adulation and appreciation. You desire someone’s ardent attention at work. What’s happening? On 21st, your 4th House lets out a sigh of relief, as Saturn trundles to Capricorn, your 5th House. Sun joins 5th House on 22nd. Be careful in your interactions with kids, your boss and, if you have been planning a new venture, then your financiers, warns Ganesha. Good news comes on 24th, when Mercury becomes direct. Lots of thoughts about creative and career choices fill your mind. Parent Virgos will spend time with their kiddies. Ones planning to conceive a child may get confusing signals. Stay positive, and welcome the new year will happy smiles.

Libra HoroscopeLibra

Ruler of your Sign Venus is in Sign Sagittarius, in company of Saturn, Sun and (retrograde) Mercury, in the 3rd House from your Sign. Too much happening in the sector that governs your internal desires and thoughts! It’s natural that you will be thinking too much, as the month begins. Mercury’s retrogression will add confusions and miscommunications. Hang on! Guard against mistakes at work. Ones in committed relationships should avoid disagreements or blame games. On 10th, Mars shifts to its own Sign, Scorpio and makes company with Jupiter. 11th brings some travel plans. Are you traveling abroad? Maybe! However, with Mercury in retrogression, you should, if possible, postpone signing an agreement/ legal document, for now. Mars and Jupiter in 2nd House of finances and family make a good case for both sectors. Well, at least there is relief somewhere! Watch your back, though. Someone, a rival or a fair weather friend, may try damaging your reputation, feels Ganesha. Guard against people of questionable integrity. On 18th, a New Moon joins the planetary party in your 3rd House, Sagittarius. It’s a cosmic game, which you can enjoy or detest. Make a choice! Such astral events are a source of immense energy, which may go either ways – positive or negative. Channelize this energy in a positive manner. Let bygones be bygones, especially in relationships of any sort – friendships, work partnerships, love et al. Your hopes for a new development will rise on 23rd, when you may meet an important person. Go slow, as all may not be as rosy as it appears at the first glance. On 21st, Saturn shifted to Capricorn, 4th House from you Sign. It’s a major event. Sun joined Saturn on 22nd. Both unfriendly planets are together again. On 24th, Mercury becomes direct, bringing some relief. On 26th Venus also enter your 4th House, creating clutter and confusion. You will be full of emotions, but they may be misdirected. Find the best in this chaos, says Ganehsa. Think positively, and plan for the New Year party with fresh hope. Keep your expectations realistic in domestic realm. Be gentle with female relatives, your mother and your sweetheart. Take a break, if you can.

Scorpio HoroscopeScorpio

There are 4 planets in the 2nd House from your Sign, as the month begins. Naturally, finances and family take the centre-stage. You may be running around, managing a family function on 3rd, when Venus forays into Sagittarius, your 2nd House. There will be glitches, thanks to retrograde Mercury, but aren’t they always there. This is life! On 4th, Moon traverses through your sector of fortune. Take advantage! 5th through 10th, watch your financial transactions. Expenses may rise. Be careful, while addressing familial conflicts. As the function, or whatever it was that kept you busy winds up, close the curtains, switch off the television and sleep away to mental glory. 9th and 10th may bring health trifles, so if you are rested, you will fight it out strongly. Your Sign ruler Mars shifts into your Sign on 10th. Power lies with you now! On 11th, limelight shall be trained on you. How will you use this? Enjoy, but refrain from becoming bombastic or domineering, says Ganesha. Mercury is still retrograde in the 2nd House, which may make you liable to repeating past mistakes, on financial or family front. Guard! Happily, Mars and Jupiter will support your endeavours. Keep your expectations realistic, though. Centre your attention on a favorite hobby or a pet project. Take part in a fashion show or dance to wedding tunes. Mars will also help athletes and fitness freaks, by boosting energy and stamina. 5 planets in your 2nd House on 18th is a major astral phenomenon. Something noteworthy may happen at home or to your money matters. Don’t attempt much on 18th and 19th, says Ganesha. Anyway, you may be too busy already or possibly vacationing with your family. On 21st Saturn enters the 3rd House from your Sign, and on 22nd Sun joins Saturn there. Two conflicting energies in the zone governing your internal desires and ambitions may make a tad confused. And, take care of your health. On 24th Mercury turns direct, which is good news. On 26th Venus joins Sun and Saturn, and they all party in your 3rd House. Intense! Is a secret affair of heart brewing there? Take all your thoughts to positive direction, says Ganesha. And, have faith in yourself. Planets are perfectly aligned to enhance your overall prospects, as the year ends. Have a happy new year 2018.

Sagittarious HoroscopeSagittarius

There is a cluster of 3 planets in your Sign already, when the month begins, and Venus too joins the gang on 4th December. Mercury is retrograde in your Sign, so there may be a tendency to keep thinking regressively. You may also be forgetful, or prone to making mistakes. Your domination may hurt someone close to you. From 5th, however, Venus will act as a soothing influence. Go slow, and take a break, if you can. Avoid any new major purchases, and do not sign any legal document. Don’t play blame games! On 10th, Mars traverses to Scorpio, the 12th House from your Sign, and joins Jupiter. You will now need to keep a close check on your expenses and emotions. Both may go haywire, else. On 11th, expect the limelight to be trained on you – in more than one way. Just guard your personal reputation. Professionals shall have it easy, with more people agreeing to their word than ever. Watch your hectic schedules and do find time for rest and exercise. Guard your health fiercely, as Sun and Saturn together in the first House that is your own Sign are indicative of injuries, health issues or mental turmoil. Married ones should do their best to maintain harmony and warmth in their relationship. Don’t let a personal hurt hold you back from enjoying life. On 18th, there will be 5 planets, including the New Moon, in your Sign. It’s a good day to stop thinking, and head for a spiritual retreat. Well, a spa would do too! On 21st, planetary charge relents as Saturn, in a major cosmic move, goes to its own Sign Capricorn, your 2nd House. Sun joins Saturn on 22nd. You will get some breathing space now, assures Ganesha. But, there may be some trouble brewing on the family front. Is it related to money? Be gentle, when you speak to old and elderly at home. Watch their as well as your health. Refrain from risking your money. On 24th, Mercury turns direct, helping you prepare to end 2017 on a good note. Finally! No one should work on Christmas, so you won’t work too. Planets won’t let you, that is! On 26th Venus joins Sun and Saturn in Capricorn. Busy times! Are you falling in serious love with someone who has been close (in proximity) all the while? Find out, as you say Happy New Year!

Capricorn HoroscopeCapricorn

You may be tired of disruptions, as 2017’s last month begins. Things have slowed down, and you too may have to slow the pace everywhere. Is this telling you something? Yes! Take a break; plan a vacation and just take it easy for sometime – at least on the work front. With so many planets in the 12th House from your Sign, your expenses will increase. Don’t borrow or lend money. Don’t forget proper paper work, if and when a deal gets finalized on work/ business/ legal front. On 11th and 12th too, you will be in a hurry to get lots done, but the cosmic forces may be telling something else. Go slow! Take everything with a pinch of salt. Socializing, friendships, flirting, flings, conjugal relationships will bring you cheer, but will also lead to enhanced expenses. Maybe, you have enough reserve to go easy now. Just ensure that someone doesn’t leech on your money, warns Ganesha. 16th and 17th bring good news for love domain. Are you heading for a date? Don’t forget that extra-attractive perfume! For committed ones, marriage talks may be on the cards. On 18th, you get up fresh and optimistic. However, a heavy cosmic energy still lingers in your 12th House, making you feel scattered and indecisive. Listen to others! Have faith in your elders, seniors/teachers, but don’t invest heavily (emotionally or monetarily) on anyone. On 21st, in an extremely noteworthy astral move, Saturn enters your own Sign. It’s a long term trend, and will bring a variety of results. On 22nd, Sun joins Saturn. Both are unfriendly planets. It’s a war! But, don’t worry, there will be a sigh of relief, albeit temporarily, smiles Ganesha. Some great lessons are in store, along with challenges and responsibilities. On 24th, Mercury becomes direct, bringing in fresh cheer. Nothing should stop you from enjoying the holiday season. However, be gentle and tactful, while dealing with your elders and bosses, especially male figures. Avoid scheduling any government related tasks. On 26th, Venus enters your Sign. Love, money, honey, friends – all rally around you. However, as the year ends, don’t forget to take care of your health. Sun and Saturn’s union leaves you exhausted and vulnerable.

Aquarius - HoroscopeAquarius

Change will be on your mind, as the month begins. Are you planning to change your present job, or are contemplating an altogether different line of work? Is it about relocation? Well, it could be all or any, but you will have to have patience. Don’t push yourself; blame it on Mercury retrogression. Take time to look back at your past mistakes and work situations. Venus shifted into Sagittarius, which is indicative of gains for your Sign. Now, there are many planets in your 11th House. Profits and benefits accrue, and these may also be in form of positive humane influences. Value them! Too much planetary energy can scatter your thoughts and ideas, though. So, remain balanced. On 9th, Mars shifts to your work sector. 11th brings a minor setback. Is it about health? Take a break, says Ganesha. Work and career matters shall remain sorted, so don’t worry. However, you may be prone to making mistakes. Careful! Students may not be in best form. Re-centre your energies! A fitness or yoga class will help you. A cluster of planets keep your 11th House – relationships and gains – abuzz with activities. You may meet someone new on 18th. Will it have a long-term potential? Who cares! Just go with the flow – for now. On 21st, Saturn moves to Capricorn, 12th House from your Sign, in one of the most noteworthy planetary moves of 2017 as well as 2018. Keep a tight fist in monetary matters, says Ganesha. Sun joins Saturn in Capricorn in year’s last week. This will be vulnerable time. You may have squabbles with authority figures, especially male members – at home or work. Be gentle with your father and uncles. Plan a date on 24th, and dress well. 25th and 26th are best spent relaxing with loved ones. Marital domain may still be shaky. Be gentle. Venus joins 2 planetary titans – Sun and Saturn on 26th-27th. Don’t be lured by easy options to make quick money. Are you re-considering a decision or relationship, as the year ends? Wait for some time, before you decide something on this. Happy new year!

Pisces - HoroscopePisces

Work sector remains abuzz with flurry of activity, as the month begins. You may even feel emotional about a pet project or a person at work, as Venus too forayed in this House. Retrograde Mercury will keep the pace slow, though. At times, thus, it may that you are running, but you reach nowhere. Take some time out, if you can! Misgiving, insufficient information and communication glitches are likely. Try postponing major buying/ selling activity and legal matters. On 10th, Mars moves to Scorpio and joins Jupiter. Fortune window opens; take advantage quickly! 11th brings a emotional hurt. 12th and 13th remain staid and routine, with probably the same event playing on your mind. Shake off all these negative vibes, says Ganesha. Important life sectors like money, finances, work and family need you. Mercury is still retrograde, so pace of progress will be slow. Stay optimistic, and steer clear of legal battles. Take care of your health. 18th and 19th may put you in a career/ professional crossroads. Are you sure you want to decide on a course now? Well, Ganesha advises you to wait, till the planetary crowd in your 10th House wanes. Be careful, while signing any documents or finalizing any deal now. In a long term planetary move, Saturn moves to Capricorn, its own Sign and your 11th House on 21st. Sun too joins it on 22nd. Changes beckon. But, take care of others’ sentiments. Try not to lock horns with male authority figures at home/ work. Leisure activities, relaxation, amusement and entertainment attract you, as the year enters its last week. Party, but be careful of the company you keep. Health brings fresh trouble, as the year and month end. Do not overindulge in food or drink, and guard your social reputation like a hawk.

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