Dr. Prakash Chandra Bhatt

Founder of Billion Cheers and Fermentis Life Sciences,

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Dr. Prakash Chandra Bhatt is the founder of Billion Cheers and Fermentis Life Sciences, a passionate research scientist with doctorate in pharmaceutical biotechnology from Jamia Hamdard University. His expertise lies in developing innovative products and processes by application of biotechnology, nanotechnology and fermentation technology. He is a proud recipient of Young Scientist Award and research grant from the Department of Science & Technology of Government of India.

Making dreams a reality, founder Dr Prakash Bhatt, dedicated last 7 year working and researching on Ayurveda, Japanese and Chinese medicinal systems. He found his own innovative ways to combine these medicinal systems with new age pharma- technologies and developed new age nutraceuticals, food supplements and medicines which won him praise and many honours. His innovative inputs in formulations was well recognized by leading industry experts and lauded for. He was awarded as best young scientists award from department of science and technology, Government of India for year 2012-2013.


He is well recognized research scientist with experience in pharmaceutical and healthcare with a proven track record in product/process development.

  • Received recognition from the apex Govt. agencies in the field.
  • Well established international research collaborations in USA, EU, APEC and GCC Region.
  • 25+ internationally published research papers in high impact factor journals.
  • Worked at University Of Southern Florida (USF), USA. On research project.


Along this journey of discovery, he gathered together a team of dedicated, highly qualified and competent scientists with a variety of experience to deliver high-quality innovative products and this helped him to establish Fermentis Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.(FLS) in Delhi NCR, India.

FLS has humble beginnings, but the foundation remains ingrained in everything it does – quality ingredients, research and development, unparalleled market knowledge, and a commitment to customer understanding.

FLS believes when nature meets the modern science it can do wonders in nutrition and wellness industry.

Billion Cheers- Probiotics & Prebiotic,

It is a probiotic & prebiotic products brand from FLS – Fermentis Life sciences.

Dr. Prakash Chandra Bhatt, says…

“Being a biotechnologist by profession I am convinced that microbiome is the most significant part of our body and plays a key role in our health. i believe that the focus of the future research for human health will revolve around microbiome”

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