Probiotics and Women

Probiotics More Than Just Digestion For Women

Probiotics have long been used for our digestive health but with more in depth studies and modern researches, the positive effects and role of probiotics has been focused beyond the parameters of just digestion and in particular with women health.

The role of probiotics can do much more for women’s health both in terms of preventive and therapeutic care. Have you ever imagined that a simple thing like maintaining a healthy gut with the aid of good bacteria could have a serious impact on a women’s psychological, physiological and even gynecological health?

It might be hard for you all to believe, but it is true. Probiotics have a much wider and diversified role to play in women’s health that goes beyond just digestion.

The role of probiotics in women’s overall health and its many benefits:

We all know by now very well that a healthy dose of good bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) can be beneficial for the maintenance of a balanced digestive system and derive as much as possible nutrients from the food that we eat.

These probiotics are live microorganisms that live in our gut, and while a lot amongst us think that microorganisms like bacteria are meant only to do harm, they are wrong. They do well beyond one’s imagination.

It is clear that probiotics can do a host of good to women’s health. Listed here are some of these benefits for women:

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  1. They are really good for boosting digestion

These microorganisms residing in our lower intestinal tract are responsible for the digestion of the ingested foods and just by taking doses of probiotics regularly can ensure that everything down there is conducted efficiently and optimally. In women having healthy doses of probiotics on a regular basis can helps against problems of indigestion, bloating, gas and constipation.

  1. Probiotics helps in restoring good bacteria

There are many incidences that causes these bacteria to deplete in quantity like having antibiotics and other certain medicines. This in one reason medical practitioners do not recommend much of antibiotics till they are merely required. Having probiotics after the medication is over certainly helps in restoring the lost bacteria and maintain the balance between good and bad bacteria.

  1. They help boost and foster immunity

If we are often falling sick, it is our immunity that is weak. Probiotics replenish the body with loads of good bacteria and thereby, improving and enriching the immune system. Regularly taking probiotics or eating foods that have these good bacteria helps in producing more of enzymes and vitamins that improves the immune system and keeps the intestine and digestive tract happy.

  1. Probiotics are effective in preventing urinary tract infections in women

Urinary Tract Infections are quite common in most women and taking healthy dosage of probiotics on a regular basis can prevent it from happening regularly. During the course of the infection, these good bacteria helps in soothing the symptom and further prevents it from occurring.

  1. They protect against and treat vaginal infections

Urogenital infections, vaginal tract infections and bacterial vaginitis are some other common problems faced by many women in their lifetime regularly. Experts suggest that regularly having probiotics can help in keeping the microbiome in the vagina in balance and improve vaginal flora and thus prevent and as well cure against such infections.

  1. Probiotics helps against skin problems by clearing it up

Probiotics – taken orally or topically applied have the potentials to defend and cure against skin problems mostly in women like acnes, eczema and rosacea. Dermatologists also agrees to the fact that probiotics have the ability to aid in skin problems both internally and externally.

  1. They increase the chances of fertility

Certain probiotics have the capability to improve the chances of getting fertile and conceive in women. They help fight the odds and make conceiving much easier than normal. Do refer to your gynecologist for which type of probiotic to take for the purpose.

Some of the few other health benefits that probiotics can be for women are:

  • Makes menstrual cycles less painful: Probiotics can significantly reduce the symptoms and pain associated with PMS. It can even alleviate some of the painful signs during the menopausal phase.
  • Helps maintaining a well-balanced urogenital flora: The good bacteria in probiotics are much needed for urogenital health as they can be potent in keeping the area protected against many various types of harmful pathogens.
  • Prevents against many other serious health conditions: By simply enhancing your digestive health, these friendly micro-organisms can ultimately help avoid succumbing to many other health problems like fibromyalgia, many ailments occurring from a poor immune system and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Considering all these health benefits, there isn’t any doubt that probiotics for women can certainly be of great help. But the question that still remains unanswered and is also being posed by many health experts today is whether taking probiotic supplements is just enough to make a substantial difference in all of the above mentioned conditions.

Hence, though probiotics for women are beneficial, you can maximize the benefits by taking a supplement that can provide the benefits of both probiotics and prebiotics in a single dosage, like the probiotics for women’s health from Billion Cheers.

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