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Well one of the toughest job is to write your own introduction!!! I have a lot to share, but don’t know where to start from….

Let me start in the “Resume Type” 😛

My name’s Gopi Sisodiya and I’m 27 years old; a lawyer by profession (as of now) and a Photographer by passion. I did my graduation in Commerce and then did MBA in Marketing. I worked in the financial sector for some time and then went on to pursue a course in Broadcast Journalism, with NDTV, in Delhi. And the latest is that I have even completed my Law studies and now am practicing as a Lawyer.

Now let me talk to YOU beautiful ladies out there 🙂 <3

I am Gopi, normally called Gops. I belong to a middle class family and have practically lived my life in Ahmedabad, except for a year that I was in “Dilli”. I am an independent and a headstrong girl. I believe in giving a voice to my opinions. I speak my heart and mind. And I can fight the world single handedly for what I think is right and just. I am just like all of you out there…a lady in true sense! I enjoy myself and even make sacrifices for those I love.

Right from the childhood I was treated more like a son then a daughter by my family. Could be this is the basic reason that I am able to speak and do things that I want to. I was more into sports in my school days, I loved outdoor sports. I am a trained national level martial art student and at the same time I am a trained bharatnatiyam student. I love experiencing everything in my life. I want to know everything, I want to do everything. After my graduation I wanted to go to Mumbai for my post-graduation and get into mass communication. But I couldn’t because of financial constraint. So I did my MBA from Ahmedabad only and then started working with Reliance. But as the fate had it, the markets crashed and it got difficult to stay in financial sector and right at that time I saw an advertisement in paper that NDTV had started their own media institute and were offering a course in broadcast journalism. I didn’t think twice and ran after my dream 🙂 I completed my course there and then thought would look out for a job in Mumbai. But it seems destiny has some other, bigger and better plans for me. My Dad wanted me to join him and ease his work burden. So for the person I love the most in my life, I started working with him and side-by-side completed my Law studies too. As on this date I am practicing as a lawyer and I deal in real estate basically.

Apart from all this I make it a point that I do stuff that I enjoy. I love photography, so I keep myself busy clicking pictures and capturing life! I love cooking, dancing, listening to music, reading and the best “hanging out with my friends” 😛

It is through one my friends only that I’m here talking to you people… and am glad that Swati invited me to share my life and my views with all of you!

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