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Know More About Himani

Hello everyone, I am Himani, a simple woman who vision the world full of inspirations, motivations and happiness. To see my vision fulfilled I founded “Himani’s Happiness Hub” through which I have conducted 600+ seminars nationally and internationally on Mind Healing and Mind Power.

WomenPlanet is a good platform for me to share my thoughts and help people get some inspiration and will to create positive energy around them. I have already shared my secret with more than 2 million people across the globe. But with WomenPlanet’s virtual platform I am trying to share the same secrets with many newly developed thoughts with the entire world. Here, there is no physical restrain in terms of my audience.

I don’t have any specific age group targeted. As I believe in humanity that has no age, gender, class or boundary. I have been a Yoga Trainer and a Pranic Healing Practitioner, during which I discovered that the entire humanity desires love and happiness, which is only obtainable through mind power and peace. As a Mental Healing & Mind Power expert I will be trying to create peace and happiness within you. You are always welcome to share your thoughts and problem with me. You can do so by mailing me using the contact form. We will discuss together with other many participants having similar problems on WomenPlanet.

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