Neha Lakhani

Chef, Gourmet Patisserie Expert

Know More About Neha

Armed with her academic knowledge and practical skills, Neha Lakhani, a Gourmet Patisserie Expert is all set to share her Perfectionism with people. She began her career as a kitchen executive at the ITC hotel in New Delhi, after completing her studies and training from the Le Cordon Bleu, Ottawa. She has also trained with a lot of MOF Chefs like Sebastian Chevallier, Jean Franc Arnaud and Frederic Monti amongst others. She is a CAI India awardee, who has contributed to different culinary institutes imparting her philosophies of attention to detail, dedication and creativity; teaching young students the complexity of fine pastry work. She also runs her very own YouTube channel wherein she shares her knowledge and love for Patisserie. With her mastery in the patisserie section, several renowned restaurants seek her consultation.

Her entrepreneurial venture ‘Patisserie Royale’ pushes the envelope with classical French pastries, modern dessert compilations, cakes and her signature granola. She believes in perfection and the never ending perusal of excellence in patisserie, confectionary and bakery. Chef Neha Lakhani has set herself on the path of raising the bar of everything sweet in this country with her amazing expertise for this particular field!

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