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Birthday Special: Shilpa Shetty And Her Fitness Secrets

That curvaceous body, flat and perfectly toned abdomen and the glow on her face! Yes, we are talking about The Shilpa Shetty, the girl in Baazigar, Dhadhkan, Life in Metro, Dostana and innumerable such blockbuster films. Apart from her acting skills it was her body and curvy looks that attracted the attention of all. Having a body like her is a sureshot dream of almost every woman today. But is it that easy to get the fitness secrets of such celebs? Yes, it is. With Shilpa knowing about her fitness secrets is actually very easy. She is one person who loves sharing health and fitness secrets with people. And so, here are her fitness secrets that you have been waiting to read for a long time now.

The workout Philosophy

Workouts are a must. For Shilpa, workouts are an extension of life that help us in staying fit and look good. You can achieve almost everything you want if you are fit from your body, mind and soul. So, workouts are important for a healthy body.

Yoga – the Primary exercise

Yoga for Life! Shilpa is a big yoga enthusiast and has launched her own Yoga DVD. But, she has never been a health freak from the earlier days. It was a neck problem that introduced Shilpa to Yoga. Recommended by her Physotherapist, Shilpa took up yoga to cure her pain. But with time, she felt the benefits of yoga and took it up permanently.

Today, she believes in Yoga like no one else does. She has incorporated yoga into her life and is reaping the benefits from it. She follows yoga everyday to strengthen her body, improve her breathing, enhance blood circulation and keep her mind focused.

After winning Big Brother, a reality TV show in UK, Shilpa Shetty became an overnight celebrity not just for the Indian families but also the people of UK for her perfect body. Almost every person wanted to know her fitness secret to get a body like hers. This encouraged Shilpa to launch her own Yoga DVD in which she performed all the types of asanas and also described how they help our body stay fit.

Shilpa-ShettyDiet regime

Apart from workouts and yoga, Shilpa also believes in having a Balanced Diet. She is a foodie, but keeps a close check on the food she eats to stay in shape always. For Shilpa it is not about dieting, but more about the diet you eat. She follows a strict balanced diet to maintain her body and stay healthy. Here is a some details about her diet chart.

Morning: She has Aloe Vera juice in the morning which helps enhance her immune system and skin. This is then followed by some porridge and tea (made with brown sugar).

Lunch: Brown Rice/ chapatti, dal, vegetables and chicken curry.

Evening: Brown bread with 2 eggs (only if she is hungry).

Dinner: Salad, soup and any preferred chicken dish.

This way she balances her diet in a great way to keep fit and healthy, despite of being a food lover. So, now that you know how Shilpa shetty owns a beautiful body that we all are crazy about, its time you also workout and get in shape like her.

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