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Do You Know Where Your Jewellery Came From, And Can, you be Sure?

Most people own at least one item of jewellery, the crown, however, firmly sits with women, they are, on average, hands down the winners, when it comes to the amount of jewellery owned, and a lot of the time, not even worn. Most of which is usually handed down from relatives, and kept as part of the family heirloom, but where exactly does it come from, not who, but where?


Unfortunately, for the most part, unless the jewellery clearly states something like wedding rings made in Australia is of some real financial value, or is particularly special in some kind of way, it may be hard to tell where your jewellery was made. Sometimes there are engravings that can help put the pieces together, however for the most part, it would be a matter of taking an expert opinion based on what they think, if there are no hard facts to go by that is. Try asking somebody else in the family who may know, look for clues yourself from old photographs etc.

Mass produced, limited edition, or mass produced?

There will be the question of how unique your jewellery is too, because the rarer the piece of jewellery is, the more valuable it is likely to be, in terms of monetary value. The same can be said, if the piece of work is part of a limited-edition collection, or was used during a wedding, especially if you happen to have a piece that somebody else needs in order to complete their lifetime collection.

On the other hand, a massive amount of jewellery is mass produced, and even fake, in some circumstances, oddly enough, that actually means that it is easier to ascertain where the jewellery came from. Some people are fine with copies and will still be quite happy to wear their accessories, however, it still does not answer the question of, “where was your jewellery made?”.

Help the people of the future

If you plan on buying jewellery in the future, then it could be a really good idea to document where you got the jewellery from, and where it was made. You could keep a complete record, which would be wonderful for future family members, or anybody close to you, should you leave the items with them as part of your will.

You could even make or buy one of those time capsules that you put all of the information in and bury it somewhere safe so that it may be recovered in years to come, you could be a huge part in somebody else’s future, perhaps even put a smile on the face of somebody that you’ll never meet! If anybody has ever done the same for you, then you’ll know exactly what you’re doing, if not, YouTube might help.

Buy locally if you can

If you have a jeweller not too far from you that has jewellery pieces such as rings, that have been made in your home country, then it’s really worth considering making your purchase with them. There will likely be heritage behind the jewellery on offer, and wealth of history that could aid you in leaving behind something even more special than the jewellery itself.

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