Choosing Bride Dresses Before Your Big Day
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Whether you’ve been dreaming of a big wedding since you were 6, or you’re facing a ceremony with a 48-hour notice, it is essential to choose a dress that will make you look elegant and beautiful. Most brides feel that there’s so much pressure in finding the perfect dress that they can’t think well on

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What To And Not To Do On Your First Night – A Gynaecologist’s Tips
First Night
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First-time sex is an exciting time and yet an event fraught with anxiety. Having no previous experience, a million questions arise about what is right and what is not. The first time remains with an individual forever and so, everyone wishes to have a memorable one. There are a few dos and don’ts that will help the first-timers enjoy their experience.

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The Best Places For The Pre-Wedding Shooting in Mumbai!!
Pre-wedding shoot in mumbai

Wedding is a complicated process with lots of traditions and peculiarities. However, one custom that came from the West is spreading among young couples with fascinating speed. We are talking, of course, about pre-wedding photo shooting.

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4 Things To Consider For Finding Your Perfect Wedding Bands!
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They say marriages are made in heaven… only to be lived and cherished for life on earth. And to strengthen your love, what better than choose the most exquisite wedding bands that depict your love, your purity and style through their classic designs. And so, it gets vital that you choose a perfect wedding band for your marriage, something that is above the basic patterns. So, here are 4 tips that you should consider while buying the perfect wedding bands for you and your life partner.

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11 Habits That Make You The Perfect Bahu!!
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Marriage is said to be a new phase in a woman’s life. There are many changes in her life that she needs to adopt as a wife and as a daughter-in-law. But is it really easy to fit into a new family, a new surrounding? In the Indian society, for a new bahu, there are certain guidelines that she needs to follow ritually, every day.

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