Pre-wedding shoot in mumbai

The Best Places For The Pre-Wedding Shooting in Mumbai!!

Weddings in India are more than a simple celebration of two people uniting. It is a complicated process with lots of traditions and peculiarities. However, one custom that came from the West is spreading among young couples with fascinating speed. We are talking, of course, about pre-wedding photo shooting.

Usually, the couples try to conduct the procedure in the loveliest and the most romantic places. Luckily, India is rich with them, and Mumbai is not an exception. Here are our top places you must visit for pre wedding shoot in Mumbai to make some unforgettable photos.

Pre-wedding shoot

Pre-wedding shoot

Marine Drive. This beautiful place can delight you with sea landscapes and city views as well. There is one little disadvantage – you will probably never be alone. The drive is overcrowded despite the part of the day.   The shooting experts claim that the best moment for photos is sunset when the sun turns water into liquid gold and the lights turn on.

Elephanta caves

These caves are popular among tourists. Actually, they are the cave temples and contain ancient sculptures of Gods. It may sound like not a very sophisticated place for shooting, but a good weather, photographer, and background will create truly fascinating shots.

Asiatic Library

This building is a member of thousands of Bollywood movies. It is famous not only for its historical significance but for the unique decoration and architecture. After renovation, it became a very popular place for different kinds of shots. A good photographer can make a delightful pack of photos reflecting both modernism and traditions.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

This park situated in Borivali is a perfect chose for those who want to underline the neutrality of their relationship. Or you can climb the highest point of the park where the beautiful city panorama is opened. Posing with lights of a night of Mumbai or getting closer to wild animals and birds. It is up to your choice.

The next point is Kanheri caves. They can be reached right after the national park, as they are situated within it. They are very similar to Elephanta caves. They also contain temples, the Buddhist temples. However, on the contrary to elephant caves, they are not overcrowded with tourists. This is a perfect opportunity to make some interesting intimate and passionate photos.

pre wedding shoot - Elephanta Caves

pre wedding shoot – Elephanta Caves

The Gateway to India

Maybe, this is the most well-known landmark and a touristic spot of Mumbai. It was built in 1924 and now it remains one of the symbols of the whole India. It has got the beautiful Arabian Sea and the fascinating Taj Mahal hotel near it. The professional insist on taking photos in the early morning when the place is not full of tourists and the light underlines the magnificent architecture of the Gateway. As you can see, there are a lot of places to make good photos in Mumbai. We did not mention all romantic scenarios. We bet in this beautiful city you will be able to find your own special place to shoot and memorize forever.

Choose any of these and you are bound to create some unforgettable memories!

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