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I am Amrita Pandya, a journalist, a writer, an actor and a person with a leadership quality. I have good taste for writing. I love to meet people and learn lessons related to life that leads you to empowerment. I have been born and brought up in Baroda. I did Journalism and Mass Communications course as I always wanted to be into the field of media. And thus, I have a wide experience in working in almost every field of media. Theater is something that I personally connect, so I took a professional training and performed in a Play called Mantavya. This play was based on “Women Equality”. I was invited by Divya Bhaskar as a guest writer and reporter. I love to host and communicate with different personalities that is how I ended up in being a part of GSTV – Gujarat Samachar Television – New Delhi, as a Television Host & Reporter. “Dilli” certainly had taught me something, which I might not have learned anywhere else. I surely have started to learn and observed new things that society demands and mold myself into different situations. Have met and Interviewed different celebrities and learned from their experiences. I am a very peppy and witty person who believes in herself. I believe that everything happens for reason and the reason has to be good. I love to represent myself in front of people as a communicator who talks from her heart. I am a confident person who likes to talk with significance. Yes! I am very much feminine just like other ladies and divas who likes to dress up well and be chic. I am treated as a Princess and I think every girl must feel like one. For me every female are very commanding identities and they have right to love, live and fight for the rights that they deserve. I write under my Pen Name- Zindagi. The main reason for me being a part of “Women Planet” is, I have always respected and acknowledge women in every aspect of my life. Right from the Mother to Maid every woman I meet in my life must have liberty of thoughts and actions. And feel proud to be a woman by being a hero for themselves and lamps of hope for the society. Every lady is beautiful and outstanding just as they are being an independent Identity. They have right of every merriment that they deserve in the world. For me all the lives of mothers, daughters, sisters and wife’s must have to celebrated, as they are the ones who take guts to take forward the generation of men. To light and motivate thousands of lives and spread the message of “Women Empowerment” I would like to take the charge as a writer to spread the word of “Happiness and Equality” among every women. I want every woman to be Respected and Self- Motivated.

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