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The Many Issues That Teenagers Experience Every Day.

If you had found it very difficult to survive as a teenager 30 to 40 years ago, then you can imagine how young modern teenagers feel today. Technology has changed everything and it is has changed how we live our lives and how we interact with other people. Most teenagers now have their own individual smart phone and they use it to keep in contact with friends and family as well is trying to keep up with current trends. The downside to all of this technology is that these children are spending a lot more time
by themselves and so their health is suffering in a physical and mental capacity. Children nowadays find it very difficult to interact with other people and to make new friends, and so this is something that we
all need to try to fix as the adults in the house.

Children nowadays can actually get bullied online and they very seldom tell the parents about it until it’s too late. They start to take drugs, become addicted and then you as the parent have to pick up the pieces by putting them into drug rehab for teenagers. As the parent, you are now getting the help that they need but it would’ve been better if you were more aware of the many social issues that teens have to struggle with every single day. The following are just some of those, so keep your eyes open for them.

  1. Ongoing depression – Just because someone is not looking particularly sad, it doesn’t mean that they are not suffering from depression and many millions of children all across the country and indeed the world are suffering from depression every single day. Like was mentioned before, they are spending far too much time on their digital devices and so they are missing out on things like sport and social interaction. They see other people living their dream lives on their
    Facebook page when the reality is that the other kid’s lives are much the same as theirs.
  2. Persistent bullying – It used to be that we as the parent’s only had to deal with bullying in the schoolyard, but now kids have to deal with it in person and online as well. Many children don’t want to tell their parents about cyberbullying and so it goes on unabated until something snaps. We read in the news about teenagers taking the law into their own hands and taking the lives of other people due to the fact that they were constantly bullied.
  3. Peer group pressure – This is something that persists in all generations, but the big difference nowadays is that children are pressured into having sex before they are really ready. The
    Internet is at fault here and even though you as a parent try to block certain sites, your kids are always able to find a way around them and so they get exposed to online porn sites that they really shouldn’t be looking at as teenagers. These are just three of the issues that teenagers experience during their informative years and there are
    numerous more.

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