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What can we expect from the kitchens of the future? The technology that will soon be vying for your kitchen space

While most people don’t realize it, there’s been a silent revolution taking place over the last few years. Technology is making a slow and steady march into all aspects of our lives – from autonomous, driverless cars to ‘intelligent’, connected cities and increasingly smart wearables and devices.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), coupled with advanced programming and improved technology, is now poised and ready to impact our lives in ways never before imaginable. With the mass roll-out of 5G just around the corner, our planet is about to become significantly more connected.

Smart tech is taking over in all areas of life, and even the humble kitchen is about to start benefitting from intelligent devices. Here are just some ways technology is about to start changing an essential room in any house – the kitchen. Spoiler alert – some of this stuff is already available!

Intelligent refrigerators

Smart refrigerators that know what’s inside are already available, with most being operated by the owner scanning barcodes one-by-one as they place items into the unit. However, fridges of the future are expected to monitor their contents autonomously, likely through a combination of automatic scanners and pressure sensors. They will also automatically order items when stocks are running low. For example, the fridge will be able to sense when a milk carton is nearly finished from its reduced weight and will add the item to your next internet shopping delivery. Smart fridges will also alert you when products are nearing their use-by date, helping to reduce waste.

Induction cookers

Say goodbye to old-fashioned hobs and instead welcome the new age of induction heating. Induction works by using magnetic components to generate heat and warms the entire pot rather than just the bottom surface. These components are hidden under the cooking surface, meaning pots can be placed anywhere instead of centrally on hobs.

Greener dishwashers

A more significant consideration for the environment is already a huge issue globally, and all household items (not just kitchen goods) will be produced with greener credentials in the future. One area that always lies high up the list of concerns – human wastage – will receive particular attention in the kitchen. Waste food will be separated and composted while the used water from dishwashers will be split into safe and unsafe (detergent and product waste) – with the safe water repurposed for other uses.

Tops and surfaces

Of course, while tech will undoubtedly play a significant part in the kitchen of the future, we’re still going to need space to prepare (and sometimes eat) food. In recent years, quartz counters have become increasingly popular in new-builds and kitchen renovations as the worktop surface of choice. Not only is quartz extremely hard-wearing because it’s non-porous, but it also mitigates the opportunities for bacteria build-up and is resistant to staining.

Screens and interactive devices

No matter how great a culinary genius you consider yourself, we all get stuck for recipe ideas from time to time. Our future kitchens will feature multiple connected screens (including on devices) to allow us to watch TV or go online to find that next great recipe inspiration.

In summary

Like almost every other area, technology is starting to revolutionize what we expect from life, and our kitchens are no exception. Hi-tech equipment will transform the cooking experience while smart, connected devices will play janitor to our food-stocks and supplies.

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