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For Kid’s Room, Is Wall Painting a Better Idea Than a Wallpaper for Indian Walls?

Painting your house can be quite a daunting task, right from finding the suitable colours to getting the job done with precision. You can either think of a modern or ethereal look for your entire house; however, decorating your kid’s room would require a different thought process. 

When it comes to kids, you need to be very creative. The interiors of the room have an immense role to play in brain development, which is not possible with sober and light colours. With the right theme and colours, you will be able to implement many exciting kid’s room painting ideas. If you have a theme in mind, find the right painting services in Bangalore to create a magic effect in your kid’s room. 

Though room painting is considered to be the best way to reinvent your children’s room, many homeowners are increasingly opting wallpapers for doing the same. Wallpapers have the potential to instantly dramatize the area with funky colours and designs. 

Due to this reason, most parents are confused when they have to choose between these two popular ideas. 


Some people say that wallpapers are better because they can easily add glamour and colour to the room. With greater options, it gives wings to your children’s imagination. Wallpapers are available in so many different styles, colours, designs, and patterns. Due to this reason, children might find it particularly engaging. 

These days, kid-friendly wallpapers with Disney themes are also available in the market, allowing you the opportunity to turn your little girl’s room into a fairyland. 

Wallpapers may also be a great idea when it comes to durability because children tend to make crayon marks on walls. These marks can easily make the room look aesthetically displeasing. At times, certain sharp-edged toys also tend to nick the wall paint. By installing wallpapers that are scratch resistant, you will able to keep the room beautiful for a long time. It is also possible to clean wallpapers with a damp cloth, which makes it easy for parents to remove stains. 

However, there are a few drawbacks of using wallpapers instead of children room painting. You need to hire professionals in order to apply wallpapers. Otherwise, it can easily end up looking terrible. If you don’t have experience in applying wallpapers, they won’t even last long. 

Wallpapers might also seem like an absolute menace when you have to remove them. You can use certain chemicals to make the process easier, but it isn’t entirely reasonable to fill your kid’s room with toxic chemicals. Just the same way toys could nick the paint off the walls; they can tear or peel wallpapers as well. 

Due to this reason, most homeowners prefer using wallpapers for creating smaller accent walls instead of committing to the entire room. 

Wall Paints 

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Wall paints are a classic option for children’s room because they are so easy to implement. Kid’s room painting can be done by anybody, and it is also pretty inexpensive. Due to this reason, many homeowners prefer to paint over using wallpapers. As children grow with time, you might want to come up with new kid’s room painting ideas to upgrade the look of the room. 

As room painting is so inexpensive, you do not have to think twice before changing the wall paint. However, it may not be possible with wallpapers because the entire process involves a lot of hassle. 

You will also find several options in colours and designs for kid’s room painting. However, the intricate designs will need the help of professional painters. Some homeowners might consider wall paint to be a hefty job. When working with colours, you also have to be very strategic.  

The Verdict

Wallpapers and wall paints are both incredible options that can illuminate your kid’s room. However, both have their pros and cons. If you want to install something intricate and extraordinary in terms of design, wallpapers are a better option. However, an easy and inexpensive choice of decoration that can be upgraded easily with time would definitely be wall painting.  Based on these factors, try to make an informed decision to transform your child’s room. If the job is done right, both the options have potential to enhance the appearance of the room. 

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