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A Complete Guide To Disintegrator Machine

Industries have undergone a whole lot of transformation. Modern industries rely less on human labor and get most of their throughput done by machines. Along with the industrial revolution, these machines have also evolved a lot. Earlier there were specific machines for different kinds of work. In the modern age, machines are a lot more sophisticated and tend to cater to different purposes. They are not confined to a single-use. One such machine is the disintegrator machine.

A disintegrator machine is a machine that uses rod crusher to pulverize the materials. The machine comes with high-speed beaters. These beaters help to crush the material to suitable mesh ranges. The nature of pulverization is low on these machines. It is used for crushing brittle materials that are less abrasive in nature. The high-speed beaters of the disintegrator machine ensure optimum functionality for a longer period of time.

Apart from the beaters, the disintegrator machine contains two contra rotating rotors. These rotors are placed on coaxial shafts. Housings are used to encase these rotors. Two rows of the pins that are cylindrical in shape are placed along the concentric circumferences. The pins are placed in a way so that each row of one rotor can pass freely between two other rows. The material which is to be crushed is placed in the center of this rod and the material moves toward the periphery.

During this process, the material is blown by the pins repeatedly. These pins are rotating at a speed of 500-1,000 rpm. They rotate in opposite directions. The material which is fed to the disintegrator has a coarseness of around 60-90 mm. The output coarseness of a large disintegrator reduces the coal from 50mm to 0.3 mm. Such disintegrator machines have a rotor that have a 1250 mm diameter, which rotates at 80-90 tons per hour.

A machine with only one motor and fixed pins that are fixed to the other side of the housing lid replacing other lids and rotor is known as crusher. Such a machine operates similarly to the disintegrator but the rotation speed is higher than that of disintegrator machines. The coarseness is then reduced to 0.5-0.1 mm. Disintegrators are also known as crushers or beating mills.

Some of the features of the disintegrator machine are

  • Ideal for pre-crushing the material

Some coarse materials need to be pre-crushed before being fed to the main crusher. Disintegrator machines are ideal for this type of work as they have a very wide mesh range and the rotors are powerful enough to grind such materials. Disintegrator machines pre crush materials such as coal to ideal mesh size for industrial uses.

  • Suitable for different materials

Disintegrator machines are not only confined to coal or other coarse materials. It is suitable to grind spices and grains also. They can also be used for fine processing of other edible items. Thus disintegrator machines can be used for a variety of materials.

  • Optimum functionality

Disintegrators have high powered motors that rotate the beaters at very high speeds. These beaters ensure that the grinding process is uniform and the output is even. They also guarantee the longevity of the disintegrator machines. The materials pulverized using a disintegrator machine are evenly meshed and there is little to no residue left.

  • Longer functional life

The disintegrator machine is assembled using heavy machinery and the parts are made from alloys of steel and copper. This maintains the longer life of the machine and the machine performs well with a little maintenance.

  • Low running cost

The disintegrator machine has a very low running cost. It also has very low maintenance. Combining these virtues along with the fact that the output of a disintegrator machine is high, disintegrator machines are a valuable investment.

Uses of disintegrator machines

The grinding power of disintegrator machines is very sturdy. So these machines are used in mining, chemical, building, and food industries.

  • Mining

In the production of minerals, the ores obtained from mines need to be ground to fine particles. Here disintegrator machines are used due to their high power and efficiency.

  • Chemical industry

In the chemical industry, the elements which are abrasive and coarse need to be broken down in sizes to conduct experiments and mix them into solutions. These elements are usually hard and need to be pulverized into small pieces which can be quite a task. Disintegrator machines accomplish this task easily using their high-speed motors.

  • Building

Disintegrator machines are often employed in the building industry to process the big concrete chips into fine ones. Also, disintegrator machines can grind building materials into a fine dust.

  • Food

These machines are heavily used in the food industry. They are used for grinding grains and for grinding the spices.


Disintegrator machines are powerful machines with low maintenance costs. They can be installed in your factories to get the maximum returns over investments. They provide optimum performance and they have been proved to be beneficial in the longer run.

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