Kitchen Mold

8 Spots in Your Kitchen Where Mold Can Hide

Sometimes mold is visible in different places of the home. However, there are some places that it hides that you cannot easily spot it. In a place like your kitchen, many people think that mold can only be found under the kitchen sink, old bread, or on the ceiling. Therefore, as you create delicious meals for your family, mold may be also breeding in various places in your kitchen. Also, the kitchen has a lot of moisture due to cooking creating perfect conditions for mold to grow. Below are some spots in your kitchen where mold hides.

  1.   The kitchen sponge 

The kitchen sponge has a lot of bacteria per square centimeter. So this is a common spot for mold to grow due to the conditions present. Therefore, every time you want to use your kitchen sponge to wipe your countertops you need to consider this fact. Thus, to avoid further growth and spread of mold in your kitchen, you should put your sponge on a heated dry cycle inside the dishwasher. Do this every time you run the appliance and also where possible, replace your sponge every two weeks.

  1.   The microwave 

Many people assume due to the high heat of the microwave. Any mold present in your microwave will clear or not grow further. However, this is not the case as mold grows well especially, when you assume cleaning up spills on your microwave. Fortunately, clearing mold from the microwave is easy as long as you know how to do it. The best way is to put a glass full of vinegar in the microwave and run it for a minute or so and the vapors will do the rest. Afterward, dry it thoroughly, and every time you use it, ensure that the inside of your microwave is clean and dry too.

  1.   The pantry 


When you have a poorly organized pantry and you have no idea where every foodstuff is, you will tend to have a lot of food spoil and you have no idea. In this way, you will also find yourself having to deal with the growth of mold. Not only is this bad for your wallet but it can also affect your health. There are several ways to eliminate the mold and at the same time to prevent it in the future. Get rid of expired or old foods from your pantry and choose a natural cleaner that is food safe to wipe the shelves. A vinegar solution also works as well if others seem too strong for your pantry.

  1.   Beneath your kitchen sink 

This is a common kitchen spot for mold to hide as it is dark and if your sink is leaking it becomes an ideal spot. Thus, if your leaky kitchen sink annoys you, imagine when it has mold growing everywhere around it. As the more you assume repairing it, the more you make it a magnet for mold and mildew. Nonetheless, after you get mold inspection Texas services to clear the mold after you have fix the leaks, repair any future leaks immediately you notice them in the future.

  1.   The dishwasher 

Dish washer

Many people assume the dishwasher is always clean due to what you use it for in the kitchen. However, although it cleans and sanitizes all your dirty dishes, it does not mean that the appliance is not susceptible to mold. As the dishwasher works by spraying water behind an almost closed cabinet door. It is simple to keep the mold at bay and you can try this by keeping the door open at least after every cycle has finished running and the interior part of the dishwasher has dried out well.

  1.   Water and ice dispensers

Water dispensers, ice dispensers, and ice dispenser drawers have a lot of moisture and they are perfect for growing mold. Yet, cleaning these parts of the fridge is quite a challenge and trick as well. For this reason, you need to know how best to handle a possible mold issue. For instance, once in a month, turn off the ice maker, remove the ice and wash the bin thoroughly with warm soapy water. Afterward, with the refrigerator off, use a cotton swab dipped in a vinegar solution and reach out to clean and scrub around the ice and water dispensers.

  1.   Rubber spatulas 

Rubber Spatulas

A rubber spatula is an efficient tool to use for prepping in the kitchen. However, they are also great hosts of yeast and you need to wash them and dry them properly to keep off the mold. It is important to wash your rubber spatulas by scrubbing it in hot soapy water and dry your spatula after cleaning it. Alternatively, if it is safe to put in a dishwasher, run it through a cycle and allow it to dry completely before you use it again. By any chance, the rubber band and the handle separate, clean the two pieces thoroughly and make sure they are dry before you put them back together.

  1.   Refrigerator drip pans 

Since drip pans are not easily visible from view underneath your fridge. It is not easy to check them unless a need arises. Yet, it has a lot of moisture within it and food spills making mold a possibility down there. At least twice a year, remove this drip pan, clean and spray it with a water and vinegar solution and allow it to dry off completely before returning it to its place.

All in all, above are some of the possible spots that mold can hide in your kitchen. While most of these places you have never thought to clean regularly or check for any possible mold. It is best to be attentive to these places and others like the coffee maker, ceilings, the fridge vegetable drawer, among many others. Opt for the prevention alternatives as they are easier and natural to use in your kitchen and you will have a mold-free kitchen.

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