Activities For Children During Corona Crisis

15 Ideas To Keep Your Kids Happily Home During Quarantine

As the world is fighting the Coronavirus pandemic, which has continued its spread across the globe, we are still struggling to maintain social distancing and hence are self quarantined at our homes. While it becomes easier for many people to be at home do their to-dos, it’s a mammoth task for couples who have school going kids and teenagers. They are energetic, lively and cannot stand to be put in the same place doing the same boring things repetitively. We understand it’s a long week to go and your children can develop cabin fever out of sheer boredom which you wouldn’t be able to afford not just because you might have work from home but you also because you are their parent.

So, how do we utilize the fullest of these several days isolation period? You are a work from home parent or full-time parent who could attend your child without being distracted, I am sure you must have piled up many ways to get your child entertained but are they enough for your family to not go stir-crazy? Don’t worry, we have your back. Here are several ways you could keep your children busy at home. Yes, entertained, learning with fun and happily occupied too.

Read at home Bingo Chart
Create your own Bingo Chart, tell your children that they need to read whatever books you have mentioned in the chart. They get a treat once everything is checked.

School time schedule
Children have a habit of planning their day according to their school time table. Why not we make a little alterations to their individual time table and follow the same at home? It’s like bringing home the school with lots of fun, and no strict teacher!

This could be anyone’s story. Stories that they wish to tell you and stories that you would love to share with your children. Stories of legends, stories of how any particular religion came into existence, heroism and so on. Try to give more space to anecdotes as to let them glued to their seats.

Plan their next travel
Travelling, who wouldn’t like it? Planning one, I am sure everyone will be involved. Ask them to choose their topmost favorite place to visit and research about it. They should come with the possible distance, number of days, mode of transportation and who would they like to go along with. Fun indeed!

Create cardboard games
You must be wondering what would this be? Okay, so pull out all those Flipkart, Nykaa and Amazon card boxes from the storeroom and give it away to your kids to let their creativity have some space. Ask your children to imitate the popular monuments across the world and build one with cardboards or just make simple crafts or games.

Treasure hunt
Giving challenges to the brain is always a healthy thing to do and if a treat is enclosed at the end, nothing like that. Hide their favorite things at any place in the house and follow the treasure hunt rules. It’s fun to see your kids finding solutions from the given hints when you know the right answers.

Coloring their imagination
Colors are one of their most loved leisure time activity but they hardly manage time to put up their colorful show and even if they do, parents are always worried about the more mess and less end product situation. That’s okay, let them paint their own imaginations. Let the room be dirty and messy with colors and paints temporarily, record them it’s beautiful. Also, ask them to help you clean once done.

Board games and Puzzels
There’s always a competition amongst siblings to be the Hermanoie Granger in the home. Not necessarily everyone knows everything but everyone is good at something. Pick the best game they love and let them get engrossed in them. Uno, Scrabbles, Ludo, Chess, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladder and so on. You can also play with them, it will only put a broad smile on their faces.

Nanny with kidsLet them in the kitchen
I know a lot of parents must be thinking, is that a good idea? Yes, it is! Besides that we are trying to keep them involved in everything we do, it is very important to teach them the basics of cooking and baking. The size, the proportions, reactions, and the colors, it is learning here as well. Let them bake their own colorful cookies while you be the master chef.

Writing is an art
Letter to their favorite person, writing an essay on their pets, coming up with a science-fiction idea or simply ask them to write what they are unable to talk about. It’s a great communication activity.

Some basic Yoga
Yoga is one of the many mandatories that we all should make a habit of, this time is the right time to talk about it, to tell your children how it works and how amazingly simple it is enacted.

Online knowledge and information
The internet world is full of anything that you want to know. Children could learn the facts about their favorite animal/country or the animals that are extinct. Not to forget to push them into studying the online school material/online classes which I am sure every school across the nation has assigned their students on.

Meditation Not an easy way to get your kid ‘in’ for this one but definitely an effective one if they make it a habit. You can simply pull out your complete attention from work to this, sit with them, put on any meditative music and ask your children to copy you. Oh, wait, a trick: Ask them to close their eyes and try to find out the musical instrument in the background?

A very important aspect of our lives, plants, and trees. Ask them to plant a tree and take follow-ups on its growth. They plant it and water it regularly. I am sure that smile will be priceless when they see the flower bloom.

home quarantine time

Give them time
Work from home is not easy with kids around, but giving them your time is an essential thing to do. Watch their favorite show or a movie with them or simply promise them their favorite flavored popcorn or open the box of old photographs and videos to cherish the memories.

While you have suggested these creative and amazing activities to keep your children entertained at home, its always a great idea to be involved with them. Take turns if needed as it would just enhance the fun with lots of learning. Be home and be safe.

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