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Tips for Getting the Right Calculus App for Your School Work

Studying calculus is hard enough, but trying to find an app that can actually help you study and improve your skills can be just as difficult. Having to download apps, check them out, and then delete them if they don’t suit your needs can be a time-wasting pain, especially when you know you should be focused on the task at hand. Then I came across this very helpful list of calculus apps and information on them.

Great Calculus Apps 

Having a list like this is really helpful in finding an app that can help you in the field of calculus and stop you from wasting time going through application after application. But, keep reading on to find my tips on getting the best calculus app for you. 

Start with the Basics to Build a Strong Foundation 

Let’s face it, many unhappy students (including myself at one time) have wondered what is calculus? Why do we need it? What purpose does it serve other than being difficult to study? Well, of course, we all know it is purposeful. From computer science to engineering to statistics, calculus examples are vast and equally as important. And luckily, today it is even easier to learn than before. Now with smartphone apps, you or your student can learn about this section of math science. However, searching for the right app might not be so easy. 

Moreover, if you are a beginner in the calculus field or it’s been years since you studied, you might want to look for an app that is designed for beginners or for people who are not so inclined to math. You should look for an app that starts at the basics and teaches you the fundamental principles of calculus. 

To note, calculus is not the easiest section of math to visualize or understand, like geometry may be. Therefore, you want to find an app that lays out the basics in a step by step fashion so you can try and relate or grasp the abstract concepts of calculus. 

Check Out the Free Apps 

When you think about the general demographic of those having difficulty with calculus, you’re more than likely looking at broke college or high school students. Therefore, buying an expensive calculus app is not realistic. So, it’s best to look for a free app that can help you wrap your head around the science of calculus before you start looking into paid apps. 

Moreover, when you’re thinking about expensive software, one would assume that the software is more directed to professionals in the field. For example, if you work in engineering or IT, the free apps may not cut it in terms of the depth you will need for your position. You will indeed probably need a more advanced (and expensive) software that will cover all the variables needed to master your job. 

And, just like all apps covering a range of topics, math apps are quite varied in pricing. Some apps could be free or less and a dollar to download, while others can be upwards to $20 and more. Therefore, make sure you are reading reviews and app details before you click “buy” to make sure you are getting an app that suits your needs. 

Consider the source – think about what the app needs to offer you. 

Most student are introduced to calculus in middle school times. Coincidentally or not, this is about the time where some students realize they either don’t particularly like math or they are anxious about it because they don’t understand it very well. Therefore, getting an app that is designed with kids in mind would be not only helpful for them, but also for you to refresh your calculus skills in order to help them with their homework. 

Additionally, the difficulty doesn’t stop at middle school, high schoolers have been found to be twice as likely to fail in classes like calculus. So, if you indeed are in high school or have a child struggling with calculus in high school, it’s important to find an app that follows the curriculum of the class they or you are in. 

Ultimately, you want to find an app that is aligned with the necessary skills you need. So, whether you are a university student or a working professional, you will need an app that has advanced calculus principles and concepts. Basically, a free beginner app will not cut it for you. 

In Conclusion 

In conclusion, whether you’re a professional working with advanced calculus every day or a young student trying to learn the basics, there are apps for both to learn from. There are free apps for beginners to get their feet wet in the science of calculus and there are more expensive software and apps that can stand up to the advanced concepts needed for demanding jobs.

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