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7 Ways to Surprise Your Man on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just on the horizon, so it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to surprise your man! Here are 7 great ways to plant a smile on his face for Valentine’s Day. These ideas range from schmaltzy to not-so-much.

1. Recreate Your First Date

One of the most fun ways to surprise your man is to recreate your first date. Did you have dinner at a certain restaurant? Did you go and see a show together? Did you go on a walk somewhere? Then book a dinner reservation at the same restaurant, or see a show at the same venue, or go on a walk in the same location. If you remember how you dressed on your first date, you could even wear the same attire.

Don’t immediately tell your man that you’re recreating the first date… wait a little while and see if he catches on. By the end of the date, you’ll both have recaptured that giddy feeling you had when you went out for the first time.

2. Send Him Flowers

How often do guys receive a surprise flower delivery? Not very often—so do something he won’t expect and send him Valentine’s Day flowers. Most Valentine’s Day bouquets tend to be red and pink (think roses), and if that’s not quite his style then opt for a bouquet that utilizes white, yellow, or blue flowers.

You could have the flowers waiting for him when he gets home, or you could have the flowers delivered to his workplace. If he gets embarrassed in front of his co-workers, then there’s a slight chance he might not be Mr. Right (or maybe he is, if you’re a couple that enjoys embarrassing each other).

3. Send Him on a Scavenger Hunt

Here’s a fun idea: send your man on a scavenger hunt. Give him clues to follow that lead him all over your local area. Your clues should consist of a not-too-difficult riddle that’ll take him from one of his favorite spots to the next. Leave your clues with someone who’s working at that location—most of the time, they’re happy to help you out.

Your scavenger hunt can end anywhere you like. Have it lead him to a fancy restaurant where you’ll be waiting for him. Or, have it lead him home, where you’ll be waiting in the bedroom… the choice is yours.

4. Travel Somewhere

Whether you’re a schmaltzy couple or not, a travel adventure is always a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. Book a flight to a different city he’s always wanted to travel to, or get your travel documents ready and go visit another country.

If you’re looking for accommodations that are ideal for couples, use a travel review website to compare and contrast hotels and see reviews. This is the easiest way to find the perfect lodging for your romantic getaway.

5. Have a Staycation

Rather than travelling somewhere else, why not enjoy a romantic staycation at home? This is a budget-friendly Valentine’s Day idea but it’s no less fun and romantic. Buy a ton of snacks or order a pizza and binge-watch your favorite shows. Built an adult fort out of chairs and blankets and act like a kid. Light some candles and dance to some romantic music, or crank up the speakers and rock out to a taped rock concert. The possibilities are endless, and you can easily tailor your staycation to whatever it is you like to do as a couple.

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6. Write a Love Letter

A love letter will put a smile on his face like no other gift. You don’t have to be anybody’s poet but his. Don’t worry about writing a masterpiece, just pour your heart and soul onto paper and let him know how much you care about him. Be sure to use a pen and paper because he’ll love to read a note that’s written in your own unique hand.

7. Take a Class Together

A couple that learns together stays together. Book a class and take him to learn something new. Here are a few ideas:

  • Learn how to make sushi
  • Learn how to tango
  • Learn how to kickbox
  • Take a cooking class
  • Take a wine-and-painting class

Hopefully these 7 ideas will jog your creativity. Don’t stress about it too much—you’re sure to put a big smile on his face so long as your surprise is heartfelt.

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