Newborn Essentials

Pregnant? Make Sure You Have These Newborn Essentials!

So, you’ve embarked on the magical journey of motherhood? A big and hearty congratulations!This is one of the most exciting and awaited moments for first-time parents. And as the due date comes closer, your planning for the newborn accelerates. Like every other parent, you too would love to purchase essentials before the baby is born. This helps in being prepared for the arrival of your little one.

Though the list of newborn essentials can go as long as you wish, there are some basic things that must be in your shopping cart. Important ones are jotted below, so take a look!

  • Baby Clothes

Depending on the weather, buy soft and comfortable clothes for your baby. A range of one-piece clothes, cute jhabalas and sleepsuits are available in the market. Try to pick ones that have front buttons to make it easy for you to change the clothes. The bottom wear should have stretchy waistbands that comfortably fit with your baby’s diaper.

Other clothing essentials you should buy include: socks, caps, swaddle cloth and so on. Moreover, control your shopping spirit and don’t buy many clothes as babies grow fast and you will be receiving many gifts as well.

Nappies and Diaper

Nappies and Diaper

  • Nappies & Diapers

Nappies and diapers are saviours and that is why your newborn essentials list is incomplete without them. On an average, a newborn baby needs 10 diapers a day. Thus, you need to have a good stock at hand.

Some people also use cotton nappies during the first 40 days of birth. For that, consider buying ready-made cotton nappies from the market. You can also buy a rash cream along as per your wish but do consult with a paediatrician about the brand.

  • Toiletries

Mild soaps, body wash, massage oil, body wipes and other toiletries are as important as other things in this checklist. Though you don’t need to buy them all, try to stock the basic ones to be on the safer side. For choosing the brand or products, you can talk to your doctor or justconsult other moms in your friend circle.

  • Feeding Bottles

If you plan to bottle-feed your newborn, it’s crucial to have 3-4 bottles with anti-colic nipples. Some things you need to consider while buying feeding bottle is that they should be BPA free and have good quality material.

Also, buy a sterilizer to clean bottles before feeding the baby. Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness isextremely important when it comes to your baby’s food.

  • Bedding Essentials

When you sleep with a newborn baby, there are a few things that you would require to keep the baby’s area safe and sound. Changing mats should be must-haves as they are easy to clean and are highly suitable for travelling.

Soft pillows and blankets are other bedding essentials which ensure that your beloved baby sleeps without any discomfort. You can also buy a mosquito net to protect your baby.

  • Baby Carrier

Baby carriers have turned out to be one of the best baby essentials. They help parents in keeping close to their child even when they have to do daily tasks.

Babywearing is also known to be helpful in building a strong bond with newborn babies. There are plenty of options of baby carriers in the market that are made using experts’ advice. Look for ones that give maximum support to the baby and are made using quality material.

Wrapping Up

Read the list? Well, then start the shopping spree. Take extra time while selecting the best things for your little one. Other than these, there are also various to-dos related to baby care that you need to know. Thus, try exploring digital platforms to get tips on baby care. This way you will be totally prepared when the little one arrives!

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