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Certain WHY’s Which Cannot Be Answered… Just Felt!!!

For ‘Others’ of the Womanhood who sacrificed at every level…

There is no chance of the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved. It is not possible for a bird to fly on one wing

– Swami Vivekanand

The Indian law has given many rights to women which are equal to those of boys in our society but, indeed and sadly the patriarchy snatches those away as and when required. Right from the era of Sati, women have been given the second position when it comes to Power allocation and decision-making. Yes, in one aspect all the women are expected to be ahead of men, whatever the situation maybe. The state of Sacrificing. However, bold, smart and intelligent a girl may be, she always would remain in the ‘Other’ category of the society. The Indian culture is proud to have a significant and rich heritage, which still rules the land of snake-charmers and which not only witnessed the agony of Sita and Draupadi but also silently appreciated the history of India. Why was Sita asked for the Agnipariksha…? Why was Draupadi disrespected in front of everyone…? Did anyone try to answer these questions? NO. Because this is a land where Sita’s Agnipariksha is termed as the best example of sacrifice to all the Indian women before marriage. A girl is asked to sacrifice her feelings and emotions to keep others happy in her family. The mentality of our society is fixed – if it’s a girl then she will have to bear all the household responsibilities, take care of her family, ignoring her likes and dislikes.

draupadiThey say with the proliferation of technology, the open-mindedness widens. India is a developing country still having diversity in its nature, may it be the culture or the crowd holding perceptions for gender. Women empowerment, female foeticide, child marriage, dowry, rape cases, eve-teasing and/or any violence against women do exist in our upgrading society where women are the victims. There are organizations which work for all such victims of our society but the question arises is that do such activities and happening vanished in our society? It probably won’t till you stop sacrificing and start raising your voice against such social issues which takes away your right to live happily. For any kind of a change, firstly the mindset has to be changed, the ways of thinking has to be changed and voices have to be raised against the injustice happening in our society.

Certain questions to all those who are reading this article and to the whole of the society having a lot of hypocrites:

You saw the sacrifice of Sita and worshipped her. But, why didn’t you see the sacrifice of Urmila (Laxman’s wife), who stayed away from her husband for 14 years when he was with Ram and Sita?

Why didn’t you see the sacrifice of Mandodari (Ravan’s wife) when her husband abducted some other woman for second marriage?

You raised your voice when Nirbhaya was gang raped in Delhi, 2012. Why didn’t you protest before that incident when many girls in rural areas got raped? Were you waiting for Nirbhaya to get gang raped?

Why didn’t you raise your voice when a girl was asked to do sacrifices at every level since her childhood?

And the most important question – WHY DID YOU SACRIFICE…???

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