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Who Leads A Better Life – Housewife Or Working Woman?

Household chores or job work load? Functions at home or meetings at office? Aagyakaari bahu or malicious daughter-in-law?

There is always a tug of war between these two categories of females. One becomes a sanskaari bahu and the other becomes a selfish and self-centered bahu. The way society has created certain barriers in front of women to stop her doing particular activities, in the same way they have also formed few perceptions for those women who are housewives and for those who are working.

A housewife should get up early, perform pooja, take care of the family, do household chores, keep everyone’s word etc. And on the other hand, the working women when goes out and works, the family sees her from a different angle which makes her fall in a not-so-good type of a daughter-in-law. Every family expects their daughters-in-law to be at home and spend their time in doing house works. However, this has become very common these days. Hence, let’s talk something about what a housewife feels for a working woman and a working woman for a housewife.

Facing the Reality Housewife

It is very much human when a person thinks that everyone else’s life is smooth and at least better than his or her. But in true sense, the reality is totally different.

The Housewife’s perspective: If we talk about the housewives and the working women, then the housewives always think that only working women are Respected, as they go out and work. They merely do only household chores and hence, there is no respect in the hearts of the family members for them.

Taking care of her house since last 20-25 years, Jagruti Shah says, “I believe that the daughter-in-law, may they be working or housewives do take care of their houses. However, people take us, the housewives for granted many a times as we are always available for giving them services and that too free of cost. In a way, we also do a full time job but the sad reality is that it is always unpaid. If given a chance, even I would like to do job and simultaneously handle my house also. I too would like to tell people that a woman can handle both, house as well as her profession together if proper motivation is given.”

The working woman’s perspective: On the contrary to what a housewife thinks, working women believe that because they work or do job, their family members mark their absence in family functions, giving them nicknames behind them and are not appreciated for not helping in the household activities. They feel that if they would have been housewives, they would have gained Respect for taking care of their family. These are the two sides of a coin which makes the other side potential and respectful enough by thinking their side to be full of disrespects.

Pragya Sathe, who is working in a multi-national company since 25 years and now have achieved a senior position at her work place, opines, “Working women are often generalized by society for being out-of-house every time. They feel that we enjoy outside more than staying at home. Being a working woman, I too feel to be at home with my family but to be frank enough, the work pressure at work place demands our presence. We are after all paid for the job. However, I believe that housewives are also generalized to a greater extent for always being at home. Working or non-working, we are always judged by the society. So, why not we simply do whatever we like? ”

This becomes a sad side of the society that keeps on generalizing women for no reason. Even housewives are to be respected as much as a working women and even working women should be appreciated for fulfilling her duties and responsibilities at personal as well as at professional level.

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