How to choose eyeglasses that suit your personality

Believe it or not, everyone of us is obsessed with our looks. Be it wearing the right kind of outfit or earrings or wearing eyeglasses that suit overall personality. Before we get started with the core topic for this blog, let me tell you that technology is having a far-reaching impact on our lives. We are connected to so many people around the world all due to technology.

Sometimes, people get overboard in using technology gadgets and this can cause a significant impact on their well-being. Sitting on the laptop or phone for long hours can cause strain to your eyes. Do you know that blue rays from mobile phones or tablets can affect your sight?

What exactly is blue light or blue rays? Blue light is one of the many hues in all visible light. Blue light is produced by the sun. However, the blue light from fluorescent lamps, LED lights, monitors, mobile screens, and other electronic devices with screens is more harmful to the eyes. Hence, you would need protection from blue light when indoors as well as outdoors. If you are a parent, you must protect your kids from the blue light when they are playing outside.

We would have come across many people who believe that the cornea and lens of the eye can block the UV (Ultra Violet) rays from reaching the light-sensitive retinas. The fact is that these are just myths as these natural blockers are ineffective and you would require other protection from the blue light. The terrifying thing is that too much and frequent exposure to the blue light can also cause vision loss.

You may ask what is the potential solution to this problem. The best solution is to use blue light lenses or glasses as they tend to protect the eyes from the harmful blue light. Many people, including grown-up kids, spend a lot of time on handheld devices. Extreme usage can cause dry eyes, headaches, and strain to the eyes.  For outdoor protection, Crizal lenses should be used as they provide protection against, smudges, dust, water, along with protecting eyes from harmful blue light.

Along with the right lenses, it is important to adhere to these pointers when choosing a frame:

  • Select  the best frame that suits the face and the overall personality.
  • Nowadays, frames come in a variety of shapes, materials, and styles. Frames are also considered a fashion statement in today’s times. It is recommended to have different frames for office, parties, and other occasions.
  • You should feel comfortable when you wear a particular frame as it is an integral part of eyeglasses. Irrespective of the frame being selected, it should feel comfortable and not slip on your nose when you are walking, playing, jogging, or doing some other physical activity.
  • Lenses that protect your eyes from blue rays should be fitted in the frames so that you not only look cool in those frames but also get the much-needed protection from the blue light.

You should always choose what is best for you as choosing the right type of frame and lenses can go a long way in improving your vision!

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