Divorce But Not Broken

I am Divorced But not Broken!

If marriages are made in Heaven, Are Divorces made in Hell?

While I enjoy a very blissful married life, one small interview of a woman I came across the internet made me think not once but twice, about the lives of women and men who go through the turmoil of a Divorce! She made me question myself about my life, the future and Love! This is the story of a so called happily married woman who lived in Bangalore with her 5 year old son and her Husband, and how her simple life came crashing down without her realising it.

“Shiven had slept early that night due to his cricket coaching and tuition classes that sucked out the energy out of him. It was 10 at night and still Mahesh, my husband had not returned from work! He had been staying late in his office for the past few months, reason thrown at me being his new project which he had to work on. I, being the loving and simple wife, never questioned him about his work. Afterall, he would spend the weekends with me and our son and make sure to gift Shiven everything he wished for. But something about this night made me feel uneasy. He came back home around 11:30 and simply went off to sleep. No words shared between us. The next morning he woke up looking all stressed out and a worry on his face. He told me that he doesn’t Love me anymore, and that he cannot stay with us anymore. With this, he packed up some of his clothes and left for good, never turning his back to my pleas or his son’s innocent questions. I stood there stunned, surrounded by walls covered with pictures of our small and happy life which we shared for 7 years.

It was through his friends that I came to learn about his affair with his colleague at work. The relation was known to almost everyone at work. I couldn’t bear the shock and took an overdose of sleeping pills with a wish to end my life. But I survived this silly step. And I thank God for saving me!

I planned to fight my husband and get him back, but he was determined to stay with the other woman. After months of trying, I gave up and started focusing on my broken life and my son, who was suffering amidst this emotional phase.

He filed for divorce and I simply followed him in it, not trying once to save my marriage. I was DONE with him! For three years, I would try and bring my mind and heart to accept the loss. I was just 27 when I earned the tag of a Divorcee. Slowly, I broke my own shell and learned to breathe in the fresh air that soothed my healing heart. It was not easy, but not impossible. With the help of my friends, I started living my life and making sure, my son had all the love in the world. I got little support from my parents until they passed away and I was left alone with my son in this world.

I started working in a school based on my qualifications and also pursued with reading, blogging and also cooking for my little bundle of joy. Soon, things started becoming brighter and I was loving this small world I had around me. I would have my friends come over every weekend, where I would cook to my heart’s desire and make sure they enjoyed their time with me and my son. I also finished my doctorate and got a better corporate offer, which helped me fulfil all of my son’s dreams.

Today, years after my divorce, I am an Independent, Happy, Beautiful Single Mom, who still believes in the power of Love and Marriage. I wish for my son to Fall in love when he grows up, I wish for him to marry the woman he adores and I wish for him to stay Loyal in his marriage, unlike his Father.”

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