Dog Training Basics for Your Little Pup

Dogs, a man’s true friend and companions for life, always spread love and energy every place they go. A well trained dog is a darling, who listens to you carefully and follows your instructions right. Looking after your home, family, kids and your little canine can all become easy if your dog is well trained. But, if not trained at all, your life can become a big mess. Thus, you need to understand the basics of dog training and follow them with your canine to make sure he learns them. Once the basics are clear, you can teach him the advanced training programs for fun.

Staying obedient despite of distractions and not barking without reasons are all signs that the dog has undergone an advanced training program. The basics of dog training are very simple and form the basic fundamentals for an advanced program.

Dog Training Basics:

  • When training your dog, never expect too much from your dog. More you expect, harsher you get on your little pup.
  • Train your dog in small sessions of 30 minutes, allowing him to understand everything slowly as you go along. Once your dog has grasped one of the basics, only then you hop on to the next trick. Long sessions make your dog tired without learning much. Too much teaching together will only make your dog more confused and puzzled.
  • Dogs can sense their surroundings easily. If you panic and start shouting at your dog, he will soon sense it. Thus, always try and stay calm when training your dog.
  • Strengthen the bond between you and your dog. This will help your dog understand you better and vice versa. This will greatly help you in your training program. Moreover, your dog will become more obedient to you and also enjoy the training.
  • Select the right environment for your dog and also the best training equipments. Select an environment with no distractions.
  • Select a good quality leather belt for your dog that is comfortable and also secure.
  • Making your dog sit is one of the basic commands that you can teach your dog. Push the back of your dog down while pulling his head slightly. When you do so, tell him “Sit”. Once they sit, raise him and treat them with their favorite food.
  • Read the behavior of your dog when you train him. They may get frustrated or happy at times. The better you understand your dog, more easily will he get trained.
  • As your puppy grows, its nutritional demands will change. They say changing your dog’s diet can cause your dog to develop diarrhea.  In this article they say it’s normal.
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