Dress for Success: 5 Fashion Tips for Various Types of Necklines

Accessories often make or break outfits, but choosing the best pieces for different necklines can be challenging. You want accessories that are appropriate to the occasion and blend seamlessly with other pieces. They should flatter your look. Because your neckline is so near your face, accessories can have a big impact on your overall style. Fortunately, a few expert tips can ensure you choose the best pieces for each neckline.

Most Necklaces Look Good With Off the Shoulder Tops

Trendy off-the-shoulder dresses and blouses are popular because they are fun. The ultra-feminine look is also fashionable because it works as casual wear and can be adapted for dressier occasions. It also gives you a chance to show off your neck by adding eye-catching accessories. A pair of sparkling studs and a luminous necklace will also frame your face and draw attention to your best features. Off-the-shoulder is one of the few styles that pairs well with necklaces of any length. You can bring your outfit to life with a short statement necklace or choose a longer piece that you love. Pendant necklaces are ideal.

Accessorize a V-Neck Simply

The V-neck is one of the most flattering and feminine options, but the wrong necklace can detract from its benefits. A medium length necklace is a good choice because longer pieces may get lost in V-necks. Very short styles are often unflattering. Your best bet is a simple option like a dainty layered necklace. A mid-length necklace with a key or pendant can also pull your ensemble together. Experts at David’s Bridal recommend polishing your look with drop earrings and a sparkly bracelet.

Take Special Care with Plunging Necklines

Plunging necklines are very hot right now and are just made to show off pretty necklaces. Cosmopolitan fashion editors love a long pendant necklace with tops that feature deep-V necklines. Be sure that your necklace isn’t so long it gets lost in your cleavage, though. Multi-layered chokers and pendant necklaces look spectacular with a plunging neckline. Statement pendants with eye-catching details create an extra-stylish look. If you are wearing a halter top, forgo the necklace and opt for bold earrings and a dazzling bracelet instead.

Length Is the Key to Accessorizing Scoop Neck Styles

The scoop neckline is not only soft and pretty, it looks good with a variety of accessories. You can choose either long or short pieces. It’s best to avoid medium length necklaces because they often end up under your neckline. When you’re wearing a simple top or dress, a short statement necklace works well. If you’re in the mood for a longer piece, try a delicate layered necklace that adds a little sparkle without overwhelming your outfit.

A Collared Neckline Can Be Dressed Up

Although it might seem counter-intuitive, you can accessorize a top with a collar. Short statement necklaces look terrific with collared tops and dresses. The added accessory adds a style element and finishes your look. Consider a fun bejeweled necklace and perhaps matching earrings or bracelet.

The key to creating stylish outfits is often in the accessories and none are more important than the pieces worn near the neckline. Fortunately, industry experts offer plenty of helpful tips that can help you make the most of popular styles like plunging, scoop, collared, V-neck, and off-the-shoulder necklines.

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