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How your picnic mat earned pride of place on a lovely day by the sea

Sat at work on Monday lunchtime, you have a warm glow of satisfaction as you look back on a wonderful weekend alongside your partner and other friends who had brought their kids along. You cannot beat spending quality time in great company, and you know it is helping your own relationship blossom at the same time.

You took advantage of the lovely weather and headed towards the seaside, where you all convened to enjoy fun, food, and drinks. The youngsters made the most of the surroundings while others of you were happy to kick back and relax. You have taken great satisfaction as your food towards the soiree went down a storm. It looked even better when laid out and you are delighted that you purchased that high quality picnic mat that rounded off the scene for several reasons.

  • You were delighted that you chose a waterproof mat, as it came in very handy when the revellers returned to eat after their dip in the ocean. It had also come to the rescue on several occasions when caught out by the unpredictable Melbourne weather.
  • The design of the mat received many complimentary comments from your friends about the wonderful tartan design that looked like it could have belonged to a top label with longevity which offered the perfect backdrop to the feast you all contributed to.
  • The great news for your admiring friends is that they can purchase one of the products from the same company and know that it will be shipped the following day so their rug will have pride of place the following week. Maybe they might wish to try out some new smoothies and bring them along?
  • The mat is made of high-quality, durable natural fibres, and can cope with any issues, while they are ideal to relax on, made of soft fibres so even those with the most sensitive skin can enjoy them.
  • The investment is well worth the money as the mats can deal with dirt and gravel that might be applied to it. After wiping it looks brand new meaning that you are not shy to use it in any environment. Maybe when heading away to the countryside for a weekend of camping in one of the many parks that Victoria has to offer.
  • The mat is easily packed perfectly to sit in the boot of the car ready to spring into action and comes with a pouch or buckle making it easy to carry. So much so the juniors wanted to take it to your vehicle for you.
  • While you chose a large sized mat knowing that you would be having plenty of social occasions with friends, they are available in several sizes. Maybe one just for two or three might be in the pipeline if your romance heads in the direction you hope.

Yes, buying that top quality picnic mat was a great idea, adding extra features to your outdoor experiences which kept everyone present and the food clean and healthy.

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