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How To Ensure Your Wedding Venue is A Great Deal for You?

Roping in a full-fledged and stunning venue is perhaps the biggest investment that couples make when planning their wedding. According to an estimate, booking a typical wedding venue gobbles up at least 30-35% of your overall wedding budget and the percentage varies with the number of attribute venues encompass.

When booking a wedding venue for your wedding ceremony, the first and the foremost question you must ask yourself should be “Is your wedding venue is a smashing deal for you?” Moreover, you should also ask other pertinent questions like “Can you afford to go out of the budget for the venue” and ” Is the venue location easily reachable for guests?” Asking all these questions will help you to figure out whether the venue you covets to book is worth hosting your wedding function or not?

To help you out from the arduous and grueling task of eliciting the value of wedding venue, we have jotted down numerous significant pointers below that will help you to figure out the true value of any wedding venue. Let’s get started.

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  1. Consider The Location

No matter how thumping your preferred wedding venue is if it’s daunting to reach, whatever you will pay for it will not be worthy.

When choosing the venue, don’t forget to lay great emphasis on the location aspect. Ensure, are there varied transportation modes to reach the venue, and is the location easy to reach or find out for your guests?  You also need to consider how the logistics will reach to the venue without any hassle. In addition to that, your preferred venue location must also encompass ample parking space for your guests and logistics.

  1. Ask About Venue Attributes

It is imperative to ask about venue attributes before finalizing it for the big day. For example, if you are going to render numerous entertainment options to guests, you need the best wedding lawns in Delhi with a colossal space. Moreover, you should meticulously check out the range of basic services venue is rendering like in-house services, tables, chairs, lighting, and other basic amenities. If a wedding venue completely lacks basic services, then what is the point of roping in that venue for the big day?

  1. Go Through Add-Ons

There are basic services that venues provide free of cost to customers. And there are some premium services that you can also use by paying the fee for them. If you are going to utilize premium services to make your wedding experience alluring for guests, first, meticulously analyze what additional services a venue has to offer to you, cost of services, what you need to arrange from your end, and other significant questions.

Don’t be hesitate to explore other budget-friendly options if you don’t like previous ones. Rope in additional services if they are fitting your budget well.

  1. Understand the Cost Structure

Isn’t you should be fully aware of what you are paying for? Sometimes, there are some hidden or cleverly written clauses in the proposals on which customers don’t pay much attention. Those clauses encompass extra fees, facility fee, gratuity fee, and labor…the list goes on.

Read each point of wedding venue proposal painstakingly and go through the overall cost structure. If you find any pointer in the proposal perplexing or not in both parties favor, feel free to discuss it with the venue owner.

  1. Also Know About Logistics

One of your foremost concerns when booking a venue should be how to get the logistics seamlessly at the preferred location. Understand the dynamics of the venue, and figure out a strategy on how the venue will work for you.

Make sure that the venue has wet-weather options and ample dining space to allow all your guests to have dinner at the same time. Last but not the least, even if the venue has a myriad of outstanding options but it is way out of your budget, hop on to the budget-friendly options instead of hampering your budget.

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