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General Vaastu Tips For Positive Vibes – By Vaastu Vigyan

Buying a new house or an apartment is a very big step in one’s life. After all, owning one’s own abode is a dream wished by every single person. But, you may have heard people saying that their new house has been very lucky or unlucky for them. Several issues and problems may arise if your house or property is not designed based on vaastu gyan. Thus, it is very important that you take expert advice before you buy a property for yourself.

Here are some basic Vastu guidelines that can do wonders for you and make your destiny shine.

  • In your home, make sure there are 3 doorways, all in a straight line. An un-appropriate position located near your dwelling can decelerate the level of prosperity to a great level.
  • The doors in the house face south or southwest or the west direction.
  • The drawing room should ideally face the north-east direction.
  • Make sure the north, North-east, East and Brahma-sthan well maintained. Don’t load heavy things in these directions. Try keeping the South, south-west, western directions comparatively heavily loaded.
  • Have balconies, verandahs and windows in the North, north-east and eastern directions.
  • Pillars in your house should be equal and also in even numbers. Also, they shouldn’t be located near Brahma-sthan.
  • The entrance gate should be bigger and wider than all gates and doors of the house. You can have your entrance gate located in any but south-west direction.
  • If you have a small garden, try not growing plants like bonsai, cactus or other milk producing plants. This will help avoid serious ailments, tension and other related health issues.
  • Never place dysfunctional things in the house such as a pen, mobile phone, telephone, radio, mixer, etc. these items create negative energy and reduce the level of prosperity in your home and life.
  • Never accept money with just two fingers. This is believed to decrease further advent of finances in your life. Instead, try accepting money with all 5 fingers.

Follow these Vaastu Tips for your new home and see the difference in your lifestyle and destiny.

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