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What are the Good and Bad Questions to Ask in an Oracle Card Reading?

You may wonder if there is anything like a good or bad question to ask when it comes to oracle card reading. The answer to your query is yes! Of course.

The quality of answers obtained from the oracle cards depends on the quality of the question asked. So it is really important what question you are asking. If you are someone who often gets stuck on what question you should ask your oracle cards to get the best answer possible, then we are right here to help you out.

Be with us for the next 5 minutes to know what type of questions you should avoid and the good and quality questions that you should ask your deck of cards to get the answer that can give some insight on solving your problem, guide you to make an empowered decision or open the doorway to move forward.

Let’s get started!

Be Mindful About Your Assumptions

One thing that creates a big difference between a good question and a bad one is the assumptions on which they are based.

The assumptions of impotent questions are always negative. They tend to conclude that it is not feasible to solve your problem, that things are not going to be good for you, it won’t work the way you want it to be, or something is wrong.

On the other hand, empowering questions are based on positive assumptions. They assure you that you are brave and confident enough to get what you want, that you deserve to achieve what you want.

So it is important to find out the base of your question. If you are the one who tends to think negatively quite often, don’t worry, give the best effort possible to reconnect with your intuition. It will help you to gain confidence and trust in yourself.

Don’t Ask for Instructions

Seeking guidance and looking for instructions are not the same. Instructions are more like marching orders. But what oracle cards do is guiding you while you’re the one who will make the final decision and take action. The cards connect you with your intuition and soul.

The instruction questions often start with “should I___”. These types of questions mean you don’t have a clue about the answer. And you certainly should not hold a belief of ‘I don’t know’. Cause the answers you are looking for are already there in some part of you. All you need to do is spend more time to bolster the connection with those parts of you that already have the answer.

Don’t Ask Yes-or-No Questions

Avoid asking yes-or-no questions. This makes the questions disempowering. If you are asking Yes-or-no questions to your oracle cards, you are asking for instructions. This means you are asking an external source to decide for you what path to take or what choice to make. Remember you are supposed to use your own free will to make decisions.

Watch When You’re Asking about Future

Although your intuition can lead you to the best way ahead but don’t think it can tell or predict the future. Because the future depends on your present choices, your energy, and on the action you are taking. So be careful when you are asking questions like ‘will I get rich’, ‘will this work for me’ etc.

The future is uncertain to us as we don’t know what is going to happen ahead. There are lots of possibilities. But we know what exists in the present. Concentrate on that. Focus on feeling good wherever you are in the current moment. This will help you build the best possible future.

Use WH Questions Properly

There are a good amount of WH questions we ask our oracle cards. But not all of them are necessarily beneficial to us. Think a little before you ask them.

What and How Questions

Questions start with what and how is very likely to invite insight, intuition, and wisdom. But as we said before avoid asking ‘what should__’ questions.
Some good example of proper what and how questions are-

What is the best career for me?
What can I do to strengthen my relationship with ___?
How should I deal with the situation?
How does this ___ can help me?

Where Questions

Where questions may vary, it can be both, good or bad. Depending on your where-question you may get a clear answer or a vague one. Like if you ask where is the right place for me to fit in? It’s a good one but if you ask about local locations like where I lost my phone yesterday then there’s a chance of getting an unclear answer.

Who Questions

‘Who’ questions mainly depend on the card deck that has been used. Many times the question can help you to get a good answer but other times the answer may seem vague to you because of the deck.

Why Questions

Be extra careful while asking the ‘why’ questions. Although not always when people ask this type of questions, consciously or unconsciously, they ask them with a victim mentality which is very demoralizing. Questions like why always bad things happen to me, why everyone is rude to me, etc. should be avoided. But if you ask things like why am I perfect for this job or why is this going to work, they are good questions to ask.

Oracle cards are used to help people who are having a hard time to make a proper decision. Oracle cards are a great way to learn to trust your intuition. But most people who use oracle cards may get ambiguous guidance which is not so helpful. Some may end up blaming the cards saying the cards don’t work, while the problem lies in the questions. Vague, dubious, and wrong answers are the result of wrong questions.

Ask better and powerful questions to oracle cards to get powerful answers that can help you out.

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