Green Balcony

Green Balcony Is, The Thing Today!

For nature evangelists and plant lovers, who need the green lung space in their apartments, balcony gardens and green balcony landscapes are possibly the only refuge one can seek in today’s growing urban landscapes. Many people are opting to create semi outdoor living spaces in their balconies that translate into mini gardens.

Balcony gardening is the easiest way to bring nature into your living spaces, offering endless beautiful sights and delights. Every season brings with it a gush of color, with leaves and flowers. From the parched brown twigs of winter to the scorching colored flowers of summer – your balcony garden will never cease to amaze you. Gentle flowers, fresh herbs, oxygenated air, chirping birds and humming bees, cool breeze, sound of rustling leaves, fresh vegetables and sweet fruits are some of the delights of balcony gardening.

Balcony gardening is not a one-time act of buying the best looking plants and arranging them at appropriate corners. You have to consider a host of challenging factors such as load bearing, water system, sunshine, city conditions, plants, neighbors and more. Balcony gardens are not created as a one-time or stand-alone activity as the goal is to help the garden thrive and flourish. It takes time, commitment and love to grow and nurture your balcony garden.

Flowers in Balcony

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Add flowers and a seating to enjoy the view!

You can’t eat flowers, but they sure are pretty to look at. That’s reason enough to attempt to grow them in your balcony garden. Flowers can pretty much grow anywhere as long as they have the right care. Make sure your flowers get enough water and sunlight. Educate yourself before you plant so you know if your flowers need special conditions to grow tall and strong.

Be Neighborly!

Make sure your habit doesn’t bother people who may be living around you. If you are renting, or if there are rules and regulations for people in your society, check with whoever you need to, so that you can get their OK before you start planting. Keep your garden neat and tidy. Keep everything firmly on your property. If you really want to get your neighbors on your side, butter them up with some pretty flowers or fresh homegrown salad leaves.

Treat yourself

What’s the use of putting in all the hard work that comes with cultivating a garden if you can’t sit back and enjoy it? Make sure to add some seating to your balcony. I bet you, very soon your balcony will be the neighbors’ envy and your pride!

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